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A Short Meditation for Befriending Your Fear

befriending your fear

If fear is interfering with your ability to be fully present in your own life, or making you behave in ways that don’t match your values, or keeping you from being connected with those who are important to you, consider befriending your fear. 

Have you ever considered “befriending your fear”?

Take three minutes to look honestly and compassionately at your fear, and see what it has to teach you…

An Affirmation for Changing Your Relationship With Fear

I have the power to change my relationship with fear.

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. But rather than being frozen or misdirected by fear, today I choose to turn my full attention to it for just a few minutes. I can do this because I am in charge of myself. This time is for my benefit.

First I note the sensations I’m feeling.

What is the temperature or texture of my fear?

What people or experiences are connected to it?

I calmly nod to each character or story that plays a part in my fear.

I listen carefully for a moment. Is there a message my fear wants to share? I allow time for that message to become clear.

I breathe in for 3 counts, pulling in confidence and resolution.

I breathe out for 5 counts, releasing anxiety and paralysis.

I finish my listening time by turning my thoughts to the things I am grateful for…


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Thanks for joining me. I hope this meditation on befriending your fear was helpful to you! May your energy today feel calm and fresh.

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