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kissing couple

23 Hottest Kissing Quotes to Make You Ache

One of the most romantic and intimate gestures there is, kissing can make your pulse race, your skin sing, and your heart do a stunning line of handsprings. Kissing causes a flood of happy-making chemicals to utterly hijack your impulse control; that’s why you sometimes do things you normally wouldn’t when you are happily lip-locked with the man you […]

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9 Signs He’s Wrong For You

You’re wondering if he’s going to be Mr. Right… or if he’s aaaaall wrong for you. How many times have you thought it would be helpful to have a little bit of relationship radar? The fairy-godmother kind of advance warning that would help you accurately predict whether or not the guy you’re seeing right now is The […]

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sexy food picnic

Feed Him a Sexy Picnic

Food can be incredibly erotic, and sensuously feeding your man a sexy food right from your naked fingers can make the needle on both your Romance-O-Meters jump right off the dial. Begin by finding quiet, tucked away spot. Sure, it could be a hotel balcony overlooking the ocean, but it might also be the hood of his car […]

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