how sensual are you quiz

QUIZ: How Sensual Are You?

Do you feel elegant, grounded, and vibrating with sensuality? From your luscious scent to your confidence, from your vibrant energy to the way your feet welcome your path, are you alive to the gifts of the universe down to your very cells? Or do you think of yourself as a sensual woman at all? These […]

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emotional recycling 1

How To Do Your Emotional Recycling

I know you’ve seen trouble. Bad things DO happen, sometimes even tragically bad things. Here are 3 simple steps for doing your emotional recycling in a way that brings healing, rather than more hurt… Heal your soul with good emotional recycling When you go through a powerful struggle, it can get bad enough that you lock up, paralyzed, […]

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You Are a Gift

Live simply. Sit with your tea by the window when it rains. Smile at babies, wave at toddlers. Do a little dance step in the produce section and laugh at yourself. Breathe. It’s okay if lots of people around you are busy, and life is hurtling forward. You’re okay. Read books and make art for […]

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power of touch

The Miraculous Power of Touch

I hope you have a tissue handy. As a mom of three myself, this made me incredibly grateful that our babies came into the world as easily as they did. And it reminds me yet again of how powerful the language of touch can be in our lives… Even if touch isn’t one of your […]

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