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passionate kissing

7 Secrets to Passionate Kissing

Is there anything more fabulous than a great kiss? When it’s good, it’s enough to make you break all your rules. When it’s bad, there are almost never any second chances… Take a look at the 7 secrets to passionate kissing below, and see which ones you have going for you, and which ones you still […]

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places to make out

18 Romantic Places to Make Out

For purely uninhibited passion, there’s no place better than your own soft, private bed. After all, that’s why you blew your budget on those Egyptian cotton 800 thread count sheets, right? However… There are so many other fun ways to rev both your engines and make memories that will last forever… It doesn’t have to be the […]

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hot love note lace

11 Sizzling Hot Love Notes for Him

There are few things more powerful than a tiny, sexy love note, hidden away in a spot where your special someone will soon discover it… When’s the last time someone sent you a smoking hot love note? When did YOU last send one? It’s easy to concoct a sizzling little text message or risqué communiqué. Don’t […]

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Good In Bed

What If I’m Not Very Good in Bed?

Nobody becomes a sexual superhero by watching porn, waving their “magic wand” around, or unleashing their inner stripper. Having a mind-blowing sex life takes work, experimentation, and a great partner. Too bad you can’t run to the corner store and purchase a mind-blowing sex life in a box. That would make things easier. (But it would […]

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