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A Soothing Way of Managing Your Emotional Triggers

emotional triggers

Emotional triggers are painful, but they are not who you are. Emotional triggering is a survival response. If you’ve been struck by lightning before, it makes sense that you would be on high alert during a thunderstorm…

A 3 Minute Meditation for Managing Your Emotional Triggers

You can’t control a thunderstorm, but you also don’t have to allow it to keep you cowering in fear. I invite you to take 3 minutes to find your center, and make a start at getting in control of any strong negative emotion you’re feeling right now.

I breathe deeply and gently turn my attention to the strong negative emotion I’ve been feeling.

I can take a moment to name the feeling. Is it fear? Anger? Guilt? Sadness?

This strong feeling is inside and around me, but it isn’t me.

I calmly gather the storm of emotion I feel. I scoop it together with my hands, and set it aside to consider later. I let a clean, cool wind blow any remaining distress away. Now my emotional horizon is sparkling and clear.

Later I will take some time to find out why these strong emotions are rising up, and I will be compassionate toward myself, and work toward my healing.

My emotions are strong, but they are not who I am. And they are not in charge of me.

I know I deserve love and respect.

I deserve to be understood and treated fairly.

I deserve a life of beauty and joy.

I am not in control of what others do or say, but I am in control of my reaction.

I will be compassionate toward myself, and work toward my healing.


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Thanks for joining me. May your path today reveal to you unexpected healing and beauty. If this was helpful or soothing for you, share it with a sister-friend who could also use some peace on the journey...

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