befriending your fear

A Short Meditation for Befriending Your Fear

Have you ever considered “befriending your fear”? If fear is interfering with your ability to be fully present in your own life, or making you behave in ways that don’t match your values, or keeping you from being connected with those who are important to you, consider befriending your fear. Take three minutes to look honestly […]

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Celebrate Your Differentness

Sometimes you hear this said: Fly your freak flag. We say it to each other because deep down we secretly fear that we’re too weird, too odd, too far outside the norm. And we fear that differentness because it means we might be unwelcome in the warm circle of family, friends, a man’s loving arms… […]

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wait for him

Should You Wait for Him or Move On?

Have you ever been marvelously in love with a man when suddenly, you began to wonder if the two of you have a future together? How can you know if you should wait for him? If you ASK, and he’s unsure about the future of your relationship, you suddenly start to have a thousand doubts… […]

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