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How To Do Your Emotional Recycling

I know you’ve seen trouble. Bad things DO happen, sometimes even tragically bad things. Here are 3 simple steps for doing your emotional recycling in a way that brings healing, rather than more hurt… Heal your soul with good emotional recycling When you go through a powerful struggle, it can get bad enough that you lock up, paralyzed, […]

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Is Your Relationship Under Attack?

Is your marriage or relationship under attack? Are you paying attention to the forces that are working every day to pull you and your partner apart from each other? If you’re committed to keeping your love strong, you need make sure your heart is warrior-strong, beautiful. Today I’m welcoming relationship expert James Bauer for the […]

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9 Signs He’s Wrong For You

You’re wondering if he’s going to be Mr. Right… or if he’s aaaaall wrong for you. How many times have you thought it would be helpful to have a little bit of relationship radar? The fairy-godmother kind of advance warning that would help you accurately predict whether or not the guy you’re seeing right now is The […]

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