sexy halloween text messages

13 Sexy Halloween Text Messages

Wanna do a little heated haunting? Spark a flurry of fun, wicked-spicy messaging? These 13 silly-yet-sexy halloween text messages are grown-up, flirty fun! Scare up something steamy with these 13 sexy Halloween text messages Bring a wicked grin to your boyfriend’s face, or send a pleasurable shiver up his spine… Get into the spirit of things […]

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How to Get Him to Call More, Text Less

Texting is easy. On most calling plans it’s free, nearly everyone casually indulges in it, and you don’t have to invest much of yourself to send someone a simple text message. And perhaps that’s EXACTLY why you wish he’d stop typing out tiny tidbits of himself and actually call you for a REAL conversation… Here are the reasons […]

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