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9 Deep Soul Boundaries To Set and Guard Like a Doberman

9 soul boundaries

What ARE the good life and soul boundaries you should be putting into place?

What are some of the BEST BOUNDARIES for any woman to set and maintain?

Boundaries are not selfish! Solid, inner boundaries are what help keep you healthy, and setting and maintaining them is a skill. Below you’ll find a simple list of the top 9 deep soul boundaries that will serve you well in life and love…

1. I am following my life plan.

Know exactly what you want in life. What are your top 3 goals/dreams? What steps are you taking toward them each day/week? There is no good reason for you to permanently defer or give up your passions and dreams.

2. I know what makes me feel loved.

Know (and be able to communicate) the one or two things in life that make you feel most loved. Gifts? Being physically touched? Words of affirmation? Quality time? Acts of service (housecleaning, etc)? When you know and can share this, others will learn to show you love in ways that mean the most to you.

3. I take care of myself, always.

Have you been saying “yes” when you should say “no”? Work hard for others, but not as hard as you work for yourself.

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4. I share my deepest heart with my inner circle only.

Share your deepest struggles only with your closest emotionally healthy friends, coaches, or mentors. Resist the urge to say everything to everyone (on every social platform).

5. I deal with the important things as they arise.

No matter how scary they feel, don’t allow problems to pile up until they overwhelm you. Deal with them as they come.

6. I have a voice, and I can use it well.

setting-healthy-boundariesWhen someone does something hurtful to you, let them know about it. When something needs to be resolved, know how and be willing to bring it up. Good communication skills will help you maintain strong emotional boundaries. People who try to silence you might drift along the edges of your universe, but they have no true place in your life.

7. I am not here to heal you.

It’s not your job to heal every wounded bear, addict, or emotional cripple who follows you home. Don’t ever mistake dependency for love.

8. I have my own best interest at heart.

Approach decision-making with your own best interest as the foundation.

9. I don’t cling to toxic people or relationships.

Don’t pursue people who have rejected you, or continue relationships with people who do not grant you basic care and respect. No controllers, fakers, or untrustworthy types. Keep people around you who are themselves emotionally healthy.

Your boundaries are non-negotiable! So don’t make excuses for anyone who stomps on your inner emotional garden — instead simply but firmly ban them from your heart of hearts.

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