Ask Claire CaseyI didn’t set out to be “Claire Casey, Relationship Coach” – it snuck up and surprised me! In the nicest possible way…

My man and I have been married for 20+ years (lots of blood, sweat, and margaritas, girlfriend) and along the way I had been sharing my relationship insights, secrets, and advice informally with a small group of women friends.

And as a professional writer I was writing all kinds of stuff, but I loved it most when I was hired to write about women and how unique and wonderful we are.

I can still hardly believe what happened next.

The crazy thing that got this started…

One day I began talking with Michael Fiore, the guy responsible for Text Your Ex Back, Text the Romance Back, and the (infamous and informative) Secret Survey. Yep, the guy who made Rachel Ray tingle

Yeah, Michael was a major player, and he was having a great time dating lots of different women — keeping himself emotionally distant and avoiding anything that looked like a long term relationship… Until this ONE woman came along…

Michael-FioreShe TOTALLY turned the tables on Mike, and after he got over his shock… Well, no other woman would do for him. He had to figure out how to make her his. Forever.

And, he was intensely curious about HOW this woman had so completely reeled him in, when dozens of women had tried and (repeatedly) failed to do the same.

Finally she relented, and she told him her secret (three, actually)…

If you watch the video he made about it, you’ll learn exactly how she did it, and why Michael wanted to talk to ME next.

In the end, Mike convinced me to write it ALL down for the first time ever – all the secrets his girlfriend (who is now his wife, by the way, and she’s PERFECT for him!) had used to call him in from his “player” ways and make him crazily compelled to win her for his own, all the quiet but extremely powerful little tips and tricks and techniques I was telling the women I was connected with… That became the program called Capture His Heart.

Once Capture His Heart was published by Mike Fiore and became so widespread (which was really weird for me; I’m kinda small-town, in my own head), I began to realize that I was in a position to share even MORE of the things I’ve learned over the years not just with a dozen or so friends, or a small handful of magazines and websites, but with thousands of women around the globe.

Including you, in particular!

What I want for YOU, darling

A good man

Let me see if I can get this in three:

My goal is to quietly help you attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect your heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is…

*  *  *

I want you to unleash your inner gorgeous woman, and share that beauty with others…

*  *  *

I want to help you get back on the track of your deepest longings, and use that self-knowledge to make your life more more exquisitely fulfilling, both with and without a man in your life…

And there’s more, of course.

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There will be plenty of rainbow kitten and baby goat sparkles (lol) and yes, we will tackle the dark and painful stuff too… One thing I believe in is telling the Gospel Girlfriend Truth (that’s how I got where I am) about the hard things in life and love. Which is not always studded with falling stars and fireflies, as you already know.

But I’ll tell it to you with love and cupcakes, I promise. Sometimes a stiff shot of whiskey.

empowering womenIf you head away from your computer feeling EMPOWERED and determined to go out and get (or simply ACCEPT) the love and life you dream of – even if we’ve talked about the really tough stuff – well then, you can KNOW I’m over here at my keyboard grinning like I just won the lottery and also received a coupon for free massages for life from George Clooney. And Ryan Gosling. They would alternate.

YOUR success makes me incredibly happy, and I can’t get enough of it, truly.

So I hope you will accept this shimmering, glowing, digital invitation to…

Write me! Ask me! Tell me everything!

That’s why I called my site ASK Claire Casey.

Well, I guess I could have called it Write Claire, Ask Claire, and Tell Claire Everything, but that would have been embarrassing. So I kept it simple.

Click & Ask Claire

I LOVE hearing from you, reading your letters, and sending you the thoughts of my heart (tempered with the brainy bits now and then) in my posts, videos, books, and programs. It makes my whole universe hum with pleasure to do this!

Thank you for being a part of this with me.

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