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[Affirmation] Inner Strength for Warrior Women

inner strength

There are plenty of people who would love to see you fail…

Don’t give them the satisfaction. I know you have mountains still to cross, and battles to win. Take 3 minutes for inner strength. Allow yourself a fierce smile, pull your shoulders back, and stand your ground. You are a warrior. You are strong and wild and beautiful…

A mantra for inner strength for warrior women

I am strong, and my strength does not come from winning.

As I walk through difficult times, I grow stronger by enduring. I am patiently allowing the wind to help me bend, the storm to refresh and nourish me. I know the sun will return and find me shining, clean, and restored.

Everything I need to persevere is nearby. The universe does not wish for my sorrow, but when I grieve, it grieves with me. When I struggle, the energy and power of love flows into me to give me courage and inner strength.

And all the while it breathes gently on the seeds of change within me.

Giving up is easy. I will open myself to the possibilities of change and rebirth, but I will not hide.

I am possible. My future will be different than I ever imagined, and it will hold great gifts. I calmly breathe in the challenge of my life.

Today I am strong, shining, and fierce.

Have you ever felt “not good enough”?

When you’re cut off from a steady flow of self-love, you begin to forget what a beautiful life looks and feels like. DON’T let your dreams for life slip away…

Come see the gentle pathway back to all you ever wanted for yourself at

I’m so glad you took time to affirm your inner strength and build your courage today. May your heart be brave and your battles soon over.

xoxo Claire

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