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Affirmation: You Don’t Have to Share Yourself

you dont have to share yourself fierce love

Do you ever feel like everyone is watching you, wanting something from you, or expecting you to do/think/behave a certain way?

Take 3 minutes to center your thoughts, ground your being, and be the whole, undivided woman you need to be…

Sometimes you struggle to resist the close attention of the world. All these people peering in on you, watching you every second, wanting to know what makes you tick, or sing, or bristle.

On the days when you feel like a superhero, you’re happy to let them see your power.

But on most days, you resent the constant attention, the constant judgments, the way so many people find you wanting.

It can drain and deplete you, all this digging around in your private soul that other people want to do.

So check your inner walls and fences today.

Walk your secret boundaries.

Feel free to carry your collection of masks and cloaks with you.

Be mysterious and closed off.

You are not required to perform for anyone today.

You are strange and inexplicable and cryptic.

You are enigmatic and unknown.

And it feels strong and good.

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