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Arouse Him Instantly With These Sexy Body Moves

arouse him sexy body moves

Sometimes you don’t need to say a word to arouse him. You just work a few of these moves, and he’ll be panting happily at your feet, hoping for more delicious…YOU.

Ready to get your flirt on?

These flirty-sexy moves pack a ton of power in the tiniest possible packages.

And even though YOU are making the first move with these little come-hither bombs, guys think that because they respond (even though their response may be almost involuntary) THEY are the ones acting in the situation.

God bless the male ego.

Here’s the down and dirty list of body moves that will arouse him like nobody’s business. Some are subtle, others are blatantly hot and sexy. Choose at your discretion, and don’t blame me if you try them and they work far too well. 🙂

19 Super-Sexy Moves to Arouse Your Man

  1. Beam him your thousand-watt smile
  2. Send over short darting glances from the corner of your eye
  3. Brush up against him “accidentally”
  4. Lick your lips (while making eye contact)
  5. Gently bite your lips (while making eye contact)
  6. Touch your exposed neck or run a finger along your naked collarbone
  7. Tilt your head at him and grin wickedly
  8. Let him see you dancing alone to music – this works whether you are in a music venue or are listening to music on your headphones
  9. If you’re sitting next to him, slowly and deliberately slide your chair closer
  10. Run your fingers slowly through a lock of your hair when he is looking in your direction
  11. Do your “honey and cream” walk (liquid, slow, with hips!) past him
  12. Inhale deeply, then release your breath slowly while looking at him and barely smiling
  13. Point to a chair and invite him to sit with you
  14. Slowly uncross, then recross your legs while looking at him
  15. Lean slowly toward him and put your elbow on the table, hand in chin while looking at him (then smile!)
  16. When you know he’s watching, shimmy a little in your seat
  17. Inhale deeply and audibly through your nose as he passes you, let your head turn to follow him
  18. Let him see you visually checking him out
  19. If you’re sitting near him, allow your feet to touch his feet

Be courageous in letting your man know you’re in range and interested! It’s really not as difficult to arouse him as you sometimes make it out to be in your head.

Don’t think so hard. Just move that body, beautiful. He’s gonna love this.

And remember, guys are far less complex than you are and they absolutely rely on clear signals. So something that feels clear but subtle for you may be totally missed by a man.

For nice girls who need a little splash of naughty…

language of desire

Want to arouse him even if you’re not in the same room?

Here’s my favorite tool for nice girls who need a little splash of naughty. In this video (or you can click here for the article version without sound — you don’t want this overheard at work!) you’ll learn exactly what it takes to talk a sexy game with any man, and addict him to you so hard and fast he’ll never even dream of leaving…

Have fun, darling. You deserve every luscious drop of this!

xoxo Claire

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  2. Claire Casey

    Manda! What a marvelous thing to hear! I am SO glad you took the time to let me know, and I hope you’ll let me put this on my “Success Stories” page… (I’ll email you privately about it.) You have made my entire day. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work, beautiful woman. xoxo

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