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Leave Her Breathless (9 Things Women Desperately Want From a Man)

Hey, guy. Most of the stuff on my website is for your lady (we talk a LOT about YOU, handsome), but I’ll tell you a secret… If you really want to be the kind of man who leaves a woman breathless with love, the guy who understands and delivers what women desperately want…

This one’s for you.

Here’s what you can do for your lady to keep her madly in love with you…

I’ll try to keep this really brief, and give you plenty of extra help where ever I can.

1. Use THESE “3 Magic Words”

The three magic words are NOT “I love you” – they are “Tell me more.”

Listen deeply to what she’s telling you, then ask good questions.

GREAT RESOURCE: These questions will draw you closer than you ever imagined

(And also use the OTHER 3 magic words and tell her that you love her!)

2. Tell her how beautiful she is in ways she can hear and believe

Women are told every day in a thousand ways that they don’t measure up. They aren’t thin enough, beautiful enough, or self-sacrificing enough.

Look for ways to sincerely tell her how beautiful she is to you. Here’s help:

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3. Look for, try out, and appreciate things that women have created

When you deeply appreciate women in general, your lady knows and feels the difference. You’re affirming the person she is and the way she sees the world by seeking out, appreciating, and experiencing things women have created.

  • Read books and articles by women, about women’s experiences.
  • Look for woman-created contributions, products, and voices in your own areas of interest, whether it’s physics, fair trade, or football.
  • Adopt women you admire as role models.
  • Praise the accomplishments of the women in your life to others.

4. Be a gentleman

Most women desperately want a man who is a gentleman. That’s a lot to unpack, I know, so below you’ll find an article with 21 ways that can look. Try a few on and see what seems to work for you. I bet you already have several of these well in hand…

READ THIS: The Kind of Gentleman That Makes Women Melt

5. Take paternity leave

It still seems to be a “thing” that guys aren’t considered dedicated to work if they take off when their own child is born. Don’t follow that pattern.

Taking paternity leave from your job shows her that you believe the birth of your child and the loving support of your woman is critically important.

And speaking of things family-related, here’s another thing women desperately want from a man…

6. Share at least 50% of housework and childcare

Be the dad, not the “babysitter.” Don’t put the love of your life in a position where she feels she has to “nag” to get you to contribute what any normal adult should contribute to the daily upkeep and maintenance of a life and home and family.

7. Find out what her “love language” is, and speak it to her daily

Read this article, go get the book, or just ask her to help you figure out what it is that makes her feel most loved, then make sure she feels it.

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Don’t expect her to read your mind; share your needs with her so that she can fill your love bank as well.

8. Become an expert at foreplay

You’re gonna enjoy this one, I’m thinking. If you really want to know what women desperately want from a man in the area of sexual arousal and lovemaking, you got it. Here’s exactly what she’s looking for…

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My favorite “sexpert” Alex Allman made this video for men who want WAY more than just the silly crap they tell you “works on women” in cheesy Maxim articles or what you might  have seen in most porn…

WATCH VIDEO: Unlock Her “Pleasure Blueprint”

9. Be a man of integrity

When your actions match your words 100%, you have outstanding integrity. That means she can TRUST you no matter what, and believe me, women desperately want a man they can trust.

Show her (rather than telling her) you are a man of your word.

Got questions, comments, or additions?

We women think you guys are absolutely fabulous, and we want you to WIN with us.

And I’m always happy to write content by special request, so leave me a comment below and let me know what you want to hear, or share what you think…

xoxo Claire


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