Capture His Heart

Are you ready to open that door that magically pulls men in?

This clear, step-by-step program shows you how to unlock the powerful forces that make a man want to commit to one incredible woman — and put them to use on YOUR man.

You’ll learn how to see, understand, and easily clear away all the unconscious barriers women put up that keep the man of your dreams from finding you.

Capture His Heart will help you crawl into your man’s mind and soul and make him not just fall in love with you… but also commit to you on such a deep, primal level he can barely understand it himself.

Capture His Heart

You’ll also learn the top 10 signs that he’s marriage material, and take a mini-quiz gut check to see if YOU are ready, too.

Capture His Heart is designed to help you become the intoxicating woman the man of your dreams just can’t resist…

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This New Relationship is So Strong and Emotionally Healthy…

Claire, I absolutely loved your program. It was the first relationship program I ever purchased and, although it did not save my marriage, it did help me to become a better me. And that better me was noticed and chased by the amazing man I am with now. This relationship is so strong and emotionally healthy that there are times when I feel like I have to pinch myself to be sure it’s real. We’ve been together 2 years now and we are ready for whatever this new venture brings us. Thank you so much for sharing your program with the world. It really did help to change my life.  — Bea

LauraNo More “Emotional Wreck” Men, New Boyfriend is Amazing!

Hey Claire, Just wanted to say that I was having the worst time with guys before this program. There really isn’t much to the thought that physically attractive women get the guys because I’m attractive, but I could not seal the deal. I had men who were in love with me and terrified of me to the point of us not talking and sending indirect messages of love to one another… oh boy, it was confusing and… wow–so disappointing. I went to counseling at my university to figure out if ‘something was wrong with me’ but it was your stuff that helped me understand guys. That was it. It helped me understand guys so I didn’t ever mistake them for being hateful or unloving . I understood what they wanted and it was exactly what I had! Lol. I think a lot of the women who complain about this program not working are looking for a trick to trick people into liking them. For myself and a close girlfriend–we actually found freedom in it. I’m free to be who I am because I know a little about how to go about it (with him). The result? SO many guys. Awesome guys. The emotional wrecks I was into before are no more, and I’ve actually fallen in love with a friend (a sexy pilot friend! What!) So, thank you. Thank you so much.  — Laura

He Thinks I’m a Magic Mind Reader!

IT WORKED! The CHH web program. Not as I expected but in a completely amazing way. I have the MAN OF MY DREAMS am madly in love and he thinks I’m a magic mind reader! Great Stuff, Claire. Thank you, Gorgeous.  — Wendi

I’m Shocked — Four Dates in Three Days!

paper heartsWow!!! It’s working, I’m honestly shocked as to how amazing this really is to have four dates in three days…. and two more this week. Never in my life have I dated more than one person and I feel a absolutely giddy about it! I am older and heavier than I have ever been in my life and the guys are buzzing… My way of dating wasn’t working after 6 months of trying it my way, I’ve tried Claire’s and it’s like magic!!! It was hard at first to put yourself out there but once you get out of your own head and begin to realize that most single men think that a single woman who is smiling at them is pretty amazing… just go along with thinking you’re pretty amazing and be open to striking up a conversation with that adorable man who is smiling at you ladies. — Candace

LoriHelped Me Date Again in My 50s

Thank you for your wonderful, common sense approach to relationships. I got Capture His Heart a couple of years ago and have found it helped me lay a solid foundation for my entry into dating as a 52 year old, divorced after 26 years of marriage. Thanks! — Lori

OMG, It Actually Does Work!

Hi Claire! I just have to say this; OMG, it actually does work!!! I’ve been trying it out on this guy i started dating 4 weeks ago, and now he’s helping me redecorate my kitchen, taking me out three times a week, dropping by my work “just to say hi”, and I’m meeting his mom next week. I can’t believe how easy it actually is  Fingers crossed i can keep up the good work. Thank you, and have a great day!!  — Ida

Did You Write This for ME??

Hi Claire, I’m sure that you hear this all the time, but as I read this, I felt so special, like, “Oh my gosh, she wrote this for me!” I felt supported, like someone really knew all the pain that I was going through. Obviously, i am not the only one that has ever gone through this, but it was a first for me, and I felt pretty devastated. Thank you, Claire! I now think of you as one of my dear friends! Thanks for the advice! 🙂  — Dottie

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