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He Was Awful. Now Get Free From Your Old Mistakes & Move On

old mistakes

Your old mistakes are not you, and the past is not where you belong.

It’s time to stop trying to HOLD ON to…

  • the relationship that almost was
  • the man you adored who didn’t love you back
  • the fear that you weren’t smart/sexy/pretty/enough
  • and all those sticky, messy old mistakes

Open your exhausted, cramped hands… And let it all fly away on the crazy, wild wind.

Authenticity is freeing, and the present moment is full of nourishment for you.

And your future is beautiful and shining.

He was her “first,” and he did THIS…!?

“First of all, thank you for such encouraging emails you write!

I had a deep crush on a guy. He was my first kiss as well as first sexual encounter. I gave out my educational loan for him. I was foolish to believe he would pay it back.

free yourself from old mistakes and get a good manI have thankfully moved on with my life, and am now living in a different state and have a family.

Recently he requested my friendship on LinkedIn. A few months later he requested it on FB. I added him on FB but he then blocked me. I texted him asking him why and we ended up talking on the phone for a good hour.

This week I asked him if he could find it in his heart to pay me back like he promised long ago. He didn’t answer me.

Do you think I should pursue it still? I gave him the money several years ago. Wasn’t a big sum (5k) but I could definitely make use of that money. What’s your thought?” — E.

Sweet woman, that money is gone, gone, gone. I’m so sorry. But the longer you stay attached to this guy and the past, the harder it’s going to be for you to move forward and find the good future that’s waiting.

Your task now is to stop holding on to your old mistakes…

Here’s what is particularly painful about your situation.

That man was your first.

First kiss, first big crush, first sexual encounter.

You fell hard, like lots of us fall.

And he SHOULD have treated you with the utmost respect and love, but…

He did a really slimy thing…

He used your deep infatuation — and the fact that you TRUSTED him enough to give him your virginity! — to get money from you.

Your student loan, for heaven’s sake!

That’s emotionally criminal, IMO.

You have every right to be furious at this guy!

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m not getting ANY sense of outrage in your email, only a little hint of interest (!?) in your old flame.

Why would you even consider connecting with him on social platforms? He was a slime, taking five thousand bucks that SHOULD have gone to your education, promising he would pay you back, and then disappearing with it.

You should be mad at this guy, not talking for hours with him, or even giving him the vaguest thought in your mind.

It’s time to cut every tie with your old mistakes and shake this man 100% lose from your mind, soul, and energy.

Don’t put your family in jeopardy, either.

It sounds like you have built a beautiful new life for yourself.

The more you give this slug your time and attention, the more danger you put your current good relationship in.

I know you feel like he’s not a threat to you, but he proved deeply untrustworthy before, why would you want to start giving him your attention now?

How would your current husband or partner feel about this guy spending hours on the phone with you?

Would you trust the man who did this to you around your children?

Didn’t think so.

Cut him off. Block him. Break all ties.

You don’t owe him ANY explanation.

Just let go and get out before any more damage is done.

Your old mistakes are NOT who you are or where you’re going, and you deserve better.

You were lied to, and that can wreck your confidence…

Even if man you’re with now swears on a stack of bibles that he’s faithful and fully committed to you for the LONG TERM, do you feel confident that he’s telling the truth?

And if he IS telling the truth, can you really be sure that he means it?

That his love for you, his commitment to you, will stand the test of time?

It IS possible to HAVE and TRUST a “One Woman, Forever” kind of man.

It IS possible to have a man who is absolutely monogamous to you.

And not just physically, but also emotionally…

make him beg for youWhich is even more important in many ways, because infidelity happens first in his mind and heart before it becomes what he does with his body.

You want a man to be so committed — physically and emotionally — to YOU that the thought of being with another woman actually makes him feel disgusted with himself, or with other men he sees lying to the women they date.

But seeing you? Well, gorgeous, THAT fills him with joy, and send shivers of desire and delight up his spine…

You owe it to yourself to learn this unusual, science-backed “monogamy method.”

It’s like knowing how to flip a switch in a man’s mind, and heart, to make him forever faithful to you… 🙂

xoxo Claire

PS: This method WORKS even if he’s been blowing you off lately, or if he’s hard to communicate with.

It works on “players” who swear they’re not interested in settling down with one woman.

And in the video, you’ll even learn how a woman named Claire (!!) used this to make her ex-boyfriend come crawling back to her and BEG her for one more chance (the ending to her story will totally delight you…)

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