Fierce Love

Fierce Love: A Meditation For Dealing With Passive Aggression

dealing with passive aggression

Are you struggling with passive aggression?

When you learn that it’s not safe or acceptable to express any negative emotions, you tend to express yourself in less direct and healthy ways.

You (or someone you love) might continually break promises, out of discomfort with saying “no” to anyone. Or you might undermine your relationship by insisting that you aren’t angry, when you’re actually furious inside.

Take 3 minutes to bring your awareness to the true feelings within yourself or someone you love.

A meditation for facing passive aggression with clarity and compassion

Today I am sitting patiently with a thought that is not new to me.

I will approach the idea of passive aggression in myself, or in someone I love.

I breathe in slowly…

And I breathe out expansively…

I don’t need to worry too much about passive aggression in people about whom I just don’t care, because I don’t let those people very close to my heart of hearts.

My secret, inner garden is carefully gated and cared for. I am strong within myself.

I gently bring to mind these thoughts:

Sometimes within myself, or within someone I care for, I find sulking…

Sometimes within myself, or within someone I care for, I find intentional inefficiency, or doing a substandard job at something in order to annoy someone else…

Sometimes within myself, or within someone I care for, I find procrastination, or excuses, or a pretended “misunderstanding”…

Self awareness is the beginning of the solution.

I can find the root of the things that I’m letting control me.

I can find help for this issue, both within myself, and by asking someone I trust for counsel.

Today I resolve to maintain a more direct line between the needs I have, and the way I communicate those needs. Rather than being indirect, I will calmly ask for what I need.

Today I resolve to steer clear of blame and shaming. I will express my feelings directly and not in the heat of the moment.

Today I resolve to become a good listener, both to the voice of my inner self, and to the ones I love.

This is all well-within my reach.

I deserve healthy ways of dealing with problems.

I claim this for myself, and for the ones I love.

xoxo Claire

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