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Fierce Love Affirmation: I Know What’s Best For ME

I know what's good for me

Sometimes you get so exhausted with trying to fulfill everyone else’s expectations that you begin to shrink inside.

The woman you truly are — and truly are meant to become — gets pushed into a small, shadowy corner of your inner garden, and eventually you feel like you’re just a puppet, and someone else is always pulling your strings.

Today’s affirmation is to help you remember that you KNOW, you intuitively sense, many of the things that are good for you.

You know yourself best, after all. You’ve been living in your own skin for far longer than anyone else has, right?

Today I invite you to take time to listen to your own inner voice, to spend time expanding the space that you rightfully deserve.

Today I allow myself to unfold, gently, one small piece at a time.

I am like a beautifully hand-stitched tablecloth, folded away for too long. I deserve to be sought for, carefully shaken out, admired, and appreciated, and the deep creases of my soul smoothed away.

I deserve to be carried into the bright sunshine, and allowed my full glory.

I know the things I need.

I don’t need to watch television, or read all the online blogs, or even scroll through everyone else’s social streams… in order to know who I should be.

I am strong, and I will fill my time with experiences that are meaningful and important to me, rather than only doing what others demand of me.

I claim my own power back from the media.

I claim my own power back from my critics.

I claim my own power back EVEN from those who mean well, but who don’t truly have my best interest at heart.

The knowledge alone is not sufficient, but it is a beginning. I am learning, and forgiving myself along the way. And more than just knowing that I’m being over-ruled by other people’s desires for me, other people’s ideas about what’s best for me, I am acting on what I know.

Even the people who love me most can’t see my fullest self.

Today I will act on what I know to be true for myself.

Today I will make positive change in my life.

I will take action.

Because I have my own best interest at heart.

I am listening to my heart.

I am listening to my own beautiful heart.

I will give her all the good things she is crying out for.

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