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Fierce Love Letter: You are the most important creature in the galaxy…

You are Important

Take 3 minutes to reaffirm your own strength, power, and importance, beautiful woman…

Welcome to the Fierce Love Podcast — love letters to your soul and inspiration for your heart. I’m Claire Casey.

So many days you discount yourself, don’t you?

Sell yourself cheap, overlook the amazing and important woman you are.

You forget how important you truly are, because all the voices around you are shouting that you’re not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, not enough enough.

And they’re loud, but they are also wrong.

You were made of the most powerful energy in the world.

You were molded and formed out of pure, unrestrained love.

The world needed you, and you were born.

And now the world needs you to remember the Truth about yourself.

Because we don’t really need better cell phones, or more things made of plastic, or less-expensive beauty products, or stronger buildings, or faster cars.

What the world needs is more love released.

And you were made of love, born to love.

So be fierce, and love.

May you remember and celebrate your strength today!

xoxo Claire

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