Fierce Love

Fierce Love: You Will Not Break, Strong Sweet Woman…

you will not break

I know you’ve lived through some intense heartbreak and sorrow. But you will never break, strong, sweet woman…

There were times when you said things you shouldn’t have, made terrible mistakes, or left some very important things undone.

And sometimes you did EVERYTHING right, but still you were plunged into grief and sadness.

This is not about how strong you are; I know you’re immensely strong.

This is about not allowing fear of things breaking to keep you from life in all it’s deep sadness and raging beauty.

You are not going to break, beautiful one.

You have dark and crooked things inside you from all the deep wrongs you’ve seen, all the brokenness in our world.

But you also have great grace and symmetry, incredible elegance and complexity.

You are not going to break.

You are going to cry some days, and shine others.

But you are not going to break.

One of the most powerful deep-soul gifts you can give yourself is THIS

As you can tell, I’m a huge believer in taking short, powerful meditative breaks to LOVE YOURSELF with no restraints.

For me, this sort of deep self-kindness is absolutely crucial to keeping a sensitive mind in a positive state…

So here’s a little (free) gift for your week:

–> Get your FREE 7 Day Mind & Soul Cleanse

It’s perfect for women who need a calm, simple way to

  1. Relax and quiet your mind and body
  2. Declutter your overwhelmed spirit so that you can bring out your BEST self
  3. Turn your anxiety into love and JOY
  4. Gain mental STRENGTH when anxiety takes over your mind
  5. Get that cleansing, peaceful breathing back into your life
  6. Release the tension in your mind and body for health and HEALING

You’ll gain inner peace, happiness and feel “uncluttered” in your life. Sparkling soul, you weren’t made to run at the speed you’re currently running at.

You deserve some heart-peace and mind-calm, beautiful woman. ♥️

xoxo Claire

May you believe in your own amazing power and flexibility today!

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