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QUIZ: Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

healthy boundaries quiz

Got 5 minutes? Take the Healthy Boundaries quiz and find out if your inner garden is blooming and secure, or if some of your soul fences need some mending…

Does your inner soul garden need some work, lovely one?

When you have well-defined, healthy boundaries you know what your own needs and limits are, and you make sure those needs and limits are respected and taken care of. You don’t expect or hope someone else will respect and take care of them for you.

If your personal boundaries are sketchy or non-existent, then you will find yourself at the mercy of what everyone else wants from you, or for you.

Take the 12 question Healthy Boundaries Quiz and find out if you have inner fences that need some mending…

Take the "Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?" Quiz!

There are 12 questions. Just click the button to answer each one and don't forget to click "Get My Results" at the end! (No sign-ups required.)

I hate having to make decisions. It’s exhausting trying to figure out what the best solution is, because so many people get their feelings hurt.

I often feel anxious or annoyed with how others are doing things that affect me.

Sometimes I over-share. But I don’t think it’s appropriate to hide who I am and how I'm feeling.

I tend to have roller-coaster relationships. Most of the time they are either awesome or awful, but they’re rarely boring.

I am frequently tired, and I just don’t have enough time for self-care or treats.

I can name several people who really take (or have taken) advantage of me.

I work hard, but I rarely get that feeling of peace that I think other people have.

The thought of being rejected or abandoned makes me feel pretty low.

I’m not entirely sure what I want for my life.

I often let other people make the plans, because then I don’t have to worry about whether or not everyone is happy.

I have been “used” by certain people. I wish others would be more respectful of my needs.

It sounds weird, but I don’t actually have really strong feelings about most things. Which I think makes the world run more smoothly.

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Good, healthy boundaries are a necessity…

You already know this, but if you regularly act out of a healthy level of love and respect for yourself, you will naturally have boundaries.

Need help getting there? These 3 things should help:

  1. Allow yourself time and space to learn more about… YOU! What you need, want, and desire in life.
  2. If you need help with creating healthy boundaries, ask for support and guidance from someone whom you KNOW has your best interest at heart.
  3. Boundaries mean nothing unless they are enforced. When someone disrespects a boundary you’ve set for yourself, it’s your job to communicate clearly that they have trespassed, and/or show them the door.

It takes time and intent, foxy mama. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines as you blossom and grow!

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xoxo Claire

2 comments on “QUIZ: Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

  1. Pam Whitehead

    I just took this quiz and while taking it, complained on how broad the questions were and incomplete the answers were. But answering the questions with the closest answer that fits my thoughts and life still left with me “Your boundaries need work, darling”. No. Just no. As someone who used to have very few boundaries, I know what they are and where they should be. As someone now who has a very healthy set of boundaries, I can say that at least the quiz gave me an insight into where I am (through my inner dialogue while trying to figure out best answers to the questions). So thank you for that, at least. But the results were way off.

    • Claire Casey

      Good for you for being so certain of your boundaries. That’s really all that matters, you know. If this particular outline of boundaries doesn’t fit you, that’s perfectly fine! Every woman is different. You get to dream, create, and support your own inner garden, and plant in it what fits. ♥️

      PS: You might be interested in this article, which more specifically outlines a set of boundaries (without a quiz format)… https://askclairecasey.com/9-soul-boundaries-guard-like-doberman/

      And again, these might or might not fit you. But some may make you think about your own inner geography. xoxo

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