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Helping Yourself to Trust Your Feelings

trust your feelings

Some days you go into the world more cautiously than others. Perhaps you’re not sure why you are being so hesitant or guarded. Or whether you should trust your feelings at all…

Do you need to trust your feelings today?

I invite you to take 3 minutes to listen to your feelings, to validate yourself, and to sit peacefully in a balanced place between your head and your heart.

3 minutes to listen to, understand, and trust your feelings…

Today I will listen to my inner GPS. I will give my feelings an open, safe place within me to tell me more clearly what’s going on in the tender places of my soul.

Is something amiss?

What fears are circling my inner light?

Is someone being judgmental, or shaming, or disapproving of me?

Is someone ignoring, rejecting, or too busy for me?

I concentrate on feeling grounded, calm, and quietly luminous, because I am in control of the things I feel, and by my own self-care I create a safe arena for the truth to be shared.

I attend to my own needs to be respected, loved, valued, and treated well.

These needs are in no way inappropriate, and I will see that they are met
by caring for myself by keeping my connections with people who treat me well, and by allowing unhealthy bonds to fade and eventually dissolve.

Today I trust my feelings.

I hear what they have to say, for my feelings can be wise.

I am relaxed. I am centered. I am focused.

No matter what I feel, both my heart and my head are working together today to choose the best path for me.


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