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How to Get Respect — a TRUCKLOAD of Respect! — from Your Guy

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“My uncle says that my boyfriend doesn’t show me enough respect. What should I do?”

“Hi Claire, it was recently brought to my attention that my boyfriend doesn’t show me enough respect. It was my uncle who shared this with me, and he respects his wife and is awesome. He told me I should be treated like gold and that I need to know now rather than later if this guy can respect me and treat me right… Do you have anything you can recommend for me? I have your Capture His Heart program, but have not accessed it in awhile. Thank you!” —K.

Hey there fierce soul. Understanding how to get a man to treat you with respect is a powerful skill, and I am so glad you asked!

This is about first and foremost about valuing yourself highly, and it’s also about power dynamics within a relationship, or how you respond to him when he treats you in ways that you like or don’t like.

Getting him to treat you with respect begins with knowing and maintaining your OWN boundaries.

Solid, personal boundaries are what help keep you healthy, and setting and maintaining them is a skill.

Every woman’s boundaries are going to be slightly different, but there are many in the list below that all of us share…

  • Know what you want in life (what are your top 3 goals/dreams?), and be going after it!
  • Know what makes you feel loved (your love language).
  • Be able to say “no” when you need to for great self care.
  • Share your deepest heart ONLY with those who love and care for you.
  • Deal with important things as they come up (even if they are scary or complex).
  • Don’t cling to toxic people or soul-draining relationships.
  • Have your OWN best interest at heart (you need this before you can truly love another).
  • Use your voice. Stand up for yourself.

Once you know what your OWN boundaries are, and you are maintaining them, you have begun building a motherlode of genuine, shining self-respect.

When you respect and value yourself deeply you also expect others to treat you with respect.

And your profound well-being (mental, physical, spiritual, financial) is a HUGE part of your man-magnetism!

You also have to COMMUNICATE your boundaries with your man.

Not all at once, of course, but over time.

Share your dreams. Let him see you taking beautiful care of yourself. Call him out when he does something inappropriate. Stand up for yourself.

It may not start out as a relationship where he treats you with full, deep, loving respect, but it can certainly EVOLVE into one.

For that matter, NO relationship STARTS OUT in perfect balance; most relationships are a constant ebb and flow — some days you’re totally on target, other days you are struggling.

But the good relationships get better over time, as both of you learn to adjust to each other and build on what you have.

5 common pitfalls that interfere with your desire to have him treat you with respect

Respect — just like trust — is earned.

And it can also be damaged or eroded when you make mistakes. Which we ALL make. But there are a few BIG ones that you can watch out for, and hopefully avoid…

  1. Having sex with him in hopes that he’ll fall in love with you.
  2. Being unable to “own” when you screw something up, and being responsible for it.
  3. Taking yourself so seriously that you can’t laugh at yourself once in a while.
  4. Trusting a man fully right off the bat, focusing too much attention on him, and being 100% available to him.
  5. Not fulfilling your OWN needs, and expecting/hoping HE will fulfill them.

When you’re ready to build a deeply respectful relationship with consistency and DEVOTION…

If you’re serious about building healthy, loving, live-giving change in your life…

Win his hear forever!

If you want to make a man feel a hungry desire for you that’s deeply, truly into the territory of long term love…

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This is PERFECT for women who want MORE, who don’t feel desperate for just ANY kind of love-crumbs from a man.

Amy’s video (and that’s actually her, a few seconds in) begins with a massive love tactic, BUT there is just SO much more in the whole coaching program…

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Amy also shows you:

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  • And of course, there’s so much more in her course.

If you are interested in building a long-term love, you should spend the time it takes to hear her out.

DO IT FOR YOU, bright soul.

xoxo Claire

PS: It doesn’t matter if you’re single or not either, because Amy’s program will even work on a distant husband OR drifting-away boyfriend.

Start building the loving RELATIONSHIP you’ve dreamed of for so long

We invest time and energy in things that are important to us.

PPS: Here are 3 quick affirmations for you, in case you’re feeling unsure in your own center-of-the-earth-DEEP value and self-care…

  1. I value myself deeply, and I know I deserve to be loved.
  2. The important things I want for myself are wholly acceptable!
  3. My choices are good. My future is going to be amazing.

May you claim your wings, and set out on your awakened journey toward becoming the woman the universe always dreamed you would become! xoxo Claire

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