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[QUIZ] Is THIS The Man for Me?

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So you’ve been dating a wonderful man long enough to start asking yourself that famous question… Could this be the man for me? Does he have the potential to be my one-and-only?

Can you REALLY know anything with just 10 questions?

Absolutely. But only if they’re the RIGHT 10 questions.

This is nothing at all like the checklists you scribbled on the back of your geometry notebook in middle school. You’re grown up enough to know that it doesn’t work that way. There IS no perfectly-formed Ken doll (with an ascot!) out there just waiting and hoping that you’ll walk into his life (in your leg warmers)…

(Quiz after the video, I couldn’t resist.)

Okay, maybe your man doesn’t have a disco, a dune buggy, and a whole room just for trying on clothes. But there are a small handful of very important things that you can check for pretty quickly in your relationship…

And unlike the dune buggy, these things WILL give you a solid indication whether or not it could work out for the two of you.

To figure out whether this is the man for you, ask yourself these 10 questions…

  1. Is he deeply attracted to me?
  2. Do the two of us have similar foundational values?
  3. Does he make me a consistent priority in his life?
  4. Do I feel strong and good when I’m around him?
  5. Do I trust him? (Or a similar question: Do his words consistently match his actions?)
  6. Do the people most important to me like him?
  7. Is he financially solid (or working to get there)?
  8. Does he want what’s best for me?
  9. Have we successfully been through some difficult things together, and come out better for it?
  10. Is he mature and willing to grow?

Before you score HIM…

Go back through the questions and see if you can answer the questions from his perspective, about you. Because there are two people responsible for what happens in this relationship, not just one.

If you answered yes

If you answered yes to most or all these questions, this may be the man you’ve been waiting for! He DEFINITELY has potential, and it’s worth hanging in there and seeing if the two of you have a future together. Keep working at it! Because you’re already well ahead of the curve.

If you or your man scored terribly on these 10 questions, then either the two of you have a fair amount of growing to do before you’re really ready, or it may just be a mismatch. You get to decide how long you want to wait to figure that out.

Because you know it, and if you forget I tell you: You deserve the best, brightest, and most beautiful love the universe can offer you. And it IS out there. Promise.

xoxo Claire

5 comments on “[QUIZ] Is THIS The Man for Me?

  1. Hi i love the article. I have a question it’s been a few years now since I’ve been in a relationship. I’m sure the dating scene hasn’t changed much. I’m 44yrs old and lately while I’m at the bus stop this dispatcher has been talking to me. I’m not going to lie I’m flattered by this. I guess since I’ve been by myself lets just say a long time you kinda think no one finds you attractive anymore. Anyway I know more about him than he knows about me. I don’t ask questions he volunteers to spill out on his own. Several occasions he’s mention to me about taking me out and wants to make dinner for me. I’m a little skeptical about him and his actions. I guess that’s from the previous relationship my guard is up. Don’t know if that’s his way of asking me?? We haven’t exchange numbers for whatever reason. I’ve chosen to just listen and not give out much information about myself. What do you think about this? He’s 53 with 2 kids. I don’t think he’s serious.

  2. Claire Casey

    It’s really about what YOU want, Judy. But if you decide you are interested in going out with him, don’t let the first date be at his house. Next time he mentions it you could suggest meeting him for coffee somewhere; that will be a much safer and easier way to find out if you’d like to move ahead with this. xoxo Claire

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