Is He a Love Scammer?

[QUIZ] Is He a Love Scammer?

Answer true or false for each question below.

He declared his love for you very quickly.
He loves and adores you, even though he's never met you.
He says things that make you feel like a deeply-loved woman.
The two of you have never met in person.
He has promised to meet you, but so far it has never worked out.
He started asking you for money very early in the relationship.
He has poor command of English and/or bad grammar.
He has asked you to send him packages with very specific items in them.
He has told you he needs money in order to leave the country he's in.
He prefers not to video chat, but if he does, the picture is blurry, or he may not look like his photos.
He has made you feel guilty when you express suspicion or refuse to send money.
You've discovered several inconsistencies in what he's told you.

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