Fierce Love

Stop Limiting the Love You Accept

I invite you to begin today by remembering that the things other people say about you, or have taught you — those things are not always the truth about you. You know yourself best. Your path can change, the love you accept can grow…

What other people say about me is a reflection on them, not me. I will hear the sounds of the world around me from a place of untroubled stillness and peace.

I can listen to the world like I listen to the sound of the ocean’s waves. When the ocean is troubled, I can remain safely in the harbor, and I don’t feel at fault. Someone other than me is in charge of the ocean and her tides and storms. I am at peace.

I deserve love. I open my heart and soul to receive all the love the universe sends me.

I don’t have to do anything to earn this tender, encompassing love.

I believe in me! I am an amazing creature, wonderfully made, and I care fiercely for this body and soul I’ve been given.

I surround myself with people who share love with me. I smile and thank people when I am sincerely complimented. I am filled with gratitude as I open myself to receive these good gifts.

My life is unfolding beautifully. I will allow myself to drink in the light, rather than hiding from it.


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