Success Stories

HollyMy Future is Beautiful

Hey Claire! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I love your advice. Got the program and got through section 1. HOLY EYE OPENER! Yes, I knew a few of these, but damn girl wish I had known more of these a long time ago like way back in college! But like you said, the past is the past and my future is beautiful! Thx for the candid straight talk. LOVE IT!  — Holly

MirandaEverything’s Starting to Fit Together and Feel Right

Dear Claire, I just took the Love Number Quiz and got 7.64. My number would have never been this high without all the educational radio shows, books, and Capture His Heart program. The information helped me be more aware of my contributions in a relationship which directly helped boost my inner confidence, self acceptance, and contributed to me being happy with little or no effort!

I cannot tell you how enlightening and exciting it was when everything started to fit together and feel right.  My new personal choices are starting to become natural and part of my NEW inner core.  — Miranda

He Thinks I’m a Magic Mind Reader!

IT WORKED! The Capture His Heart web program. Not as I expected but in a completely amazing way. I have the MAN OF MY DREAMS am madly in love and he thinks I’m a magic mind reader! Great Stuff, Claire. Thank you, Gorgeous.  — Wendi

LauraNo More “Emotional Wreck” Men, New Boyfriend is Amazing!

Hey Claire, Just wanted to say that I was having the worst time with guys before this program. There really isn’t much to the thought that physically attractive women get the guys because I’m attractive, but I could not seal the deal. I had men who were in love with me and terrified of me to the point of us not talking and sending indirect messages of love to one another… oh boy, it was confusing and… wow–so disappointing. I went to counseling at my university to figure out if ‘something was wrong with me’ but it was your stuff that helped me understand guys. That was it. It helped me understand guys so I didn’t ever mistake them for being hateful or unloving . I understood what they wanted and it was exactly what I had! Lol. I think a lot of the women who complain about this program not working are looking for a trick to trick people into liking them. For myself and a close girlfriend–we actually found freedom in it. I’m free to be who I am because I know a little about how to go about it (with him). The result? SO many guys. Awesome guys. The emotional wrecks I was into before are no more, and I’ve actually fallen in love with a friend (a sexy pilot friend! What!) So, thank you. Thank you so much.  — Laura

MelodyFeeling My Inner She-Ra…

I just joined your program and have taken the “Is He the One” Check List , I’m really feeling good about this already  Can’t wait to move forward. I’m feeling my inner She-Ra.  Thank you!!  — Melody G.

I Deserve to be Happy

Thanks for all your inspiration in “Capture His Heart,” I learned how to love myself. Now I know that I deserve to be happy and I should not settle for anything less. I love you so much, Claire! You are a very dear friend to me. You are right there just when I needed someone for support! More power to you!  — Belle

AyeshaI’m Seeing Men in a NEW Light

Really wish I had found your course earlier in life, I am now truly fascinated by the differences between men and women, I really thought we all think the same way. I see men and myself in a new light and I am definitely stronger and more confident now. I feel like I can really take things into my hands as opposed to just sitting like a duck and waiting for mr right because ‘We’ arent allowed to make the first move, but this is so much easier and fun! Thanks again beautiful. — Ayesha H.

puppy heart 2OMG, It Actually Does Work!

Hi Claire! I just have to say this; OMG, it actually does work!!! I’ve been trying it out on this guy i started dating 4 weeks ago, and now he’s helping me redecorate my kitchen, taking me out three times a week, dropping by my work “just to say hi”, and I’m meeting his mom next week. I can’t believe how easy it actually is  Fingers crossed i can keep up the good work. Thank you, and have a great day!!  — Ida

ElizabethI’m SO Proud of Me…

Hi Claire, Okay Ladies, I’m so proud of myself. The section on being in the friend zone and how to get out of that. Well what I just did; Was the best advice I’ve ever recieved. It said; stop doing favors and being his friend. So when he called I just stated I was terminating the friendship and moving on with my life. I’ve made the decision to start dating again and I cannot have a guy as a “friend.” things just wouldn’t work out. Boy did things change. I’m so proud of me.  — Elizabeth V.


I recently bought your program after so many failures and I am only at the beginning of the course but the first day I implemented the engagement and powerful questions section, and I got asked for my phone number! That first day!! wow!! — Barb

If Only Diets Worked This Fast!Adi

Let me just say that absoluetly LOVE the program! I’m not even half way through it and already seeing results (wish diet programs would have worked so fast…) — Adi K.


LynnThank You for Telling Women We’re Beautiful…

I have been wanting to tell you that I really do appreciate your attitude in the way you respond to women telling them they are awesome, wonderful, beautiful, etc. There is nothing worse than to have to hear how somebody is better than you like some relationship advice gives (I’ve looked at a lot of other experts advice and they have a different tone than you). I did take your quiz on self esteem that came with your e-book several months ago, and I scored quite high. In spite of that, no matter whether a person loves themselves or not, who wants to hear that they are a “better than nothing” person or they don’t deserve anything good. You never do that and I appreciate it.  — Lynn C.

Did You Write This for ME??

Hi Claire, I’m sure that you hear this all the time, but as I read this, I felt so special, like, “Oh my gosh, she wrote this for me!” I felt supported, like someone really knew all the pain that I was going through. Obviously, i am not the only one that has ever gone through this, but it was a first for me, and I felt pretty devastated. Thank you, Claire! I now think of you as one of my dear friends! Thanks for the advice! 🙂  — Dottie

RubyNow He’s BEGGING Me to Marry Him!

Thank you so much!!! My fiancé and I have to live apart at the moment due to work…he is home every 4 weeks. I’ve subscribed to your program since the last time he was home and devoured every article. The things I’ve learned have made perfect sense and it wasn’t hard to change some things and the way I deal with some situations. He only came home today….honestly…I swear to you…a different man! We’ve always stuck by each other but have been through some great times and some horrific times….but….I’ve never seen him like this. We were always planning to get married this year but with no firm plans…now he is begging me to make the plans and make sure it happens. He actually accused me of witchcraft or something! Sounds a bit corny but he said I was like the catnip we give to the cats! We’re meeting with the marriage celebrant on Monday…his idea. Thank you again….I didn’t change myself…just the way I deal with certain things and learned to let him know how much he means to me in a way he understands.  — Ruby

A Wake Up Call for Me

If you are doing the awesome “Capture His Heart Program” make sure when you are done with the modules that you look at bonus material “Man of your Dreams” because I am gonna be honest here. When I scored myself I realized that I am not the “Woman of his dreams” right now and that I actually need to do a lot of work myself on myself. Wow. Wake up call for me.  — Carla

Michaela A Big Hug From Italy

Hello Claire! It’s Michela from Italy, I really enjoyed your book Capture His Heart and I really want to tell you! Because you deserve to know how much good you do to women! it is true that God always sends you the people you need…You came in my life in a moment of sadness and depression, a moment in which I do not believe in myself anymore… friends of friends randomly post on my facebook board a link… I read it without too much attention but then suddenly I found you! I believe that you are absolutely AMAZING on every point of view…A big hug from Italy and Thanks!  — Michela

That Guy Was Tripping Over Himself as I Passed By!

I’m really happy with the experience I’m having with Capture His Heart. I’ve always described myself as picky when it came to picking a guy to get into a relationship. After seven years I met a guy, and I feel like I was completely oblivious to the fact that he was just using me. He crossed lines I don’t let anyone cross and told him to get out of my life. Though not before I let him make me think I wasn’t good enough for anyone. It didn’t help that I knew a chick who went out of her way to make me feel ugly and unworthy of others attention. Though with this program so far I look in the mirror and instead of telling myself what’s wrong with me, I remind myself what’s right with me. When I walk to the store I remind myself to not slouch. Heh I even tried the extended gaze at a cute store clerk at home depo, I heard him tripping over himself as I passed by. Thank you this has been so great for my self image. — Kristen

GeorgiaFinally Opening My Heart to the Possibilities

Dear Ms Casey, I don’t usually write to relationship experts – actually I NEVER have. But I wanted to thank you for your work. It really helped me so much to open up my heart to the possibilities around me.  — Georgia S.

Exactly the Nudge I Needed

heart treeHi Claire! I’ve just started reading through your Capture His Heart programme and am loving what I have read so far, but the reason I am throwing you a message is because I have just finished reading your ‘Etiquette Lesson’… I have to tell you what a ‘Oh shit yeah!’ moment it gave me! I’ve no doubt that was your intention when writing it, but for me at least, it had a double sided factor and I truly think you may have given me the nudge I needed to not only open the right doors in future, but to close a very significant one behind me. You have given me closure Claire. And regardless of how relationships pan out from here on in, I am very grateful for that. Thank you — Keri

You Tell It Like It IS!

Hi Claire! I am a new member of your wonderful program, Capture His Heart and am really, really enjoying YOU and the tell-it-like-is information you are giving us lovely ladies. You’re just wonderful and I’ve learned a lot already in just two days 🙂 Thank you so much for creating this GREAT program and helping us gorgeous gals out 😉 Wishing you a blessed and awesome day all the way from Kuwait! — Laurie

LorenaA New World to Explore

Dear Claire: I just Finished!!! And yes, all the information was incredible! it also opens a whole new world to explore! Thanks to you and all your team for making possible something like this…loooove….. Lorena

Now I KNOW I’m Worthy, Sexy, and Amazing…

Dear Claire, I don’t know if you’re a real person or not, but this “program” has helped me overcome my insecurities by a lot! I bought your program not even for a certain man! I just wanted to be a better, happier, less insecure woman and here I am!!! I was BEYOND tired of wondering if I was good enough even for new girl friends, boss, coworkers, my nursing advisers. This doesn’t have to be about ‘getting a man.’ Even when a new female friend blew me off and I realized she was just a fake, opportunist (I have a big heart and love deeply) your program gave me the attitude where even though it still stung, it didn’t break my heart like it would have years ago. I AM a woman. I AM beautiful. I AM *worthy*, awesome, sexy, smart, going places, FUN, talented, and just plain UNFORGETTABLE. You have EMPOWERED me and helped me find myself–I feel amazing now, confident and happy. I know what I deserve now, I no longer have pity parties, but am my own cheerleader!!!! THANK YOU beyond words, thank you a million times. I finally feel mature in ALL my relationships *claps hands* It will never be forgotten. Love always. — Sara

Pssst, Sara! I’m definitely real, lol. Just watch one of my videos. Kinda hard to fake that… 🙂 xoxo Claire