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11 Sizzling Hot Love Notes for Him

sexy love notes for him

There are few things more powerful than a tiny, sexy love note…

It’s easy to concoct a sizzling little text message or risqué communiqué. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary – send it now and watch the sparks fly!

Here are 7 powerful tips for writing and delivering your sizzling hot love note, as well as 11 steamy love notes and sexy texts you can use right this instant…

1. Make it short but spicy.

There’s no reason to slave over a lengthy love essay. If you do this well, you don’t need page after page – a short, sexy, and to-the-point love bomb will be just as powerful.

“The way you kiss me on the back of my neck makes me want to take all my clothes off…”

“When you walk past my heart races. You are the sexiest man I have ever known.”

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2. Use sexy sounds.

Put your groan of pleasure into your text message or love note. After all, sometimes he puts you beyond the reach of words and makes you speechless…

“Mmm. When I see your muscles move under your shirt I have to lick my lips. You give me dirty thoughts…Should I tell you about them?”

“Ahhh. There is nothing sweeter to me than the taste of your bare skin on my lips. When can I taste you again?”

3. Think outside the paper.

A dirty, flirty text message or a good old-fashioned love note is hard to beat. But what if you wrote “You were amazing last night” on that ultra-hot pair of underwear (the ones that made his eyeballs pop), then folded them neatly into a tiny box and tucked it into his messenger bag?

Or you could wait until he’s in the shower and the mirror is all steamed up, then quickly write your sexy message there…

4. Describe your physical reaction.

Create a picture in your lover’s mind about what happens to you when you think of him…

“I’m a little sore today, but I can’t wipe this silly, satisfied smile off my face…”

“I loved watching you step out of the shower last night. The sight of your bare, sexy skin has made me feel distracted all day at work today.”

5. Create a sexy invitation.

Anticipation is the secret sauce of romance. Create a spicy little invitation for some hot and heavy action, and deliver on your promises.

“I’ve been quite naughty, and I’m wondering what you might do about it?”

“After we put the kids in bed, meet me on the back deck for a sexy moonlight surprise…”

“I have this very hot fantasy about you. Want me to tell you about it?”

6. Add an exotic or unusual touch…

Everyone’s heard of leaving your lipstick or perfume on the note. But what if you bit the paper, and left those sexy bite marks for him to see?

What if you wrote your hot love note in permanent marker on your body in a private spot only he will see… Something like “Lucky you” or “Kisses desired: apply here.” You may cause his circuits to overload with a “Spank this” or “Bite here” and a helpful arrow… 🙂

Or what if you included a coupon (or link, if you’re texting) for an online adult store and told him,

“You choose something new, then try it on me…”

7. Choose a good hiding place for your note.

If you’re writing an actual note rather than a text message, the place you leave your note depends on how quickly you want your sweetheart to find it.

Some of the best love notes might be discovered during an unusual time – say, while you’re away on a long trip, or during a romantic movie.

If you have children at home, pick a place that will ensure ONLY your intended will find it.

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard to do. Take a look at the following ideas:

  • Wedge it between the neck and the strings of his guitar.
  • Leave it in his jeans pocket.
  • Sneak it into his messenger bag.
  • Tuck it into his glasses case.
  • Leave it between the screen and keyboard of his (closed) laptop computer.
  • Put it on his dashboard.
  • Put it in the mini-fridge in his “man cave”
  • Hide it in his tee-shirt drawer.
  • Tuck it into his nightstand drawer.
  • Slip it under his coffee cup.
  • Tape it inside his medicine cabinet.
  • Sneak it into a book he’s reading.

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22 comments on “11 Sizzling Hot Love Notes for Him

  1. Used one of your “leaving a sexy note “tips today! I will let you know what happens!

  2. Brittany

    I am going away on a two week trip and am having new lingerie delivered to my boyfriend to hold onto until i get back, any ideas for the personal message?

    • Claire Casey

      Ooo, Brittany, what a smoking hot and fun idea! Brilliant way to keep his mind riveted on you while you’re gone. I intend to remember this one, girlfriend. 🙂

      So the note doesn’t have to be lengthy, because the message you’re sending with the lingerie itself packs a powerful and sexy punch.

      But something like…

      “I saw these tasty little things and my mind was filled with thoughts of what we might do after I try them on for you. Would you like that? A little fashion show, followed by… Well, I bet you have some ideas. Call me soon and we can discuss those ideas.”

      What fun the two of you are going to have BEFORE YOU EVEN GET BACK FROM YOUR TRIP!

      Great idea. Absolutely stellar. When that package arrives in the mail, I bet he will hardly know what hit him. And he’ll be so happy it did. 🙂

  3. My man is in jail for a short time and has never been introduced to this stuff. I am 10 years his elder and love turning him on to new things hes never tried. He is very excitable and turned on by new stuff so here goes everything! I will let you know what happens and his reactions to everything. No names only reactions of course….. OMG! This is going to be so much fun!

    • Claire Casey

      Lol, Karen, it sounds like you’re about to turn on some fun. 🙂 I have absolutely no doubt that he’ll enjoy every second of it!

  4. Personally I like to slip them in his lunch box for work ?

    • Claire Casey

      Love it, Lindz! How lucky he is to have a woman like you. ? ♥️

  5. Any suggestions on sending him a note to work stating to meet in a hotel? Diner with favorite food a sexy lingerie?

    • Claire Casey

      I think those are both great ideas! Pick any of the examples I used in the article and add your meeting place and time so he’ll know when and where things are gonna get hot and exciting. You might even include the hotel key card in your note on the first one. Have fun! ?

  6. Hi! Thank You so much for this article! Its simple yet spicy and fun.

    My husband and I are (almost) empty nesters and I work long hours as well as every other weekend. This was the first Sunday we’ve had alone in a very long time. We made dinner together and then fooled around. The thought of “getting caught” by our son was a huge turn on that created excitement and will saturate my memory for some time to come.

    Without being vulgar, (just in case someone else sees my note)…what do you recommend I write to let him know how fantastic he was and that I will reflect on this night in particular, for weeks to come?
    I’m not very vocal about what I want him to do to me but I know he would love that kind of direction or
    at least me sharing my memory of this night together.

    I was thinking of leaving a note in his truck to be discrete. I’m just petrified of someone else seeing it.

    Any ideas on ‘code words’ would be appreciated….not to mention add a layer of excitement

  7. Hi Claire

    I’m gonna be trying some of your suggestions tomorrow, I must say I’m very nervous. I will update you on how it went. I’ve already delivered my pair of underwear (his favorite) to him at work with the note; “if you have that, guess what I have on.” I have written little notes and stashed them in different places where he will need to find. Picnic at the house…I’ll be dessert.

    • Claire Casey

      Hoo, boy, Phindi, THAT is hot. I can’t imagine a man on the planet that wouldn’t be aroused and smoldering by that. 🙂 My money’s on you two burning down the house (metaphorically, of course!).

  8. Make movie night..Naughty night!
    I recently purchased a remote control panty virbrator…I excused my self and put them on..returned from the bedroom a placed the remote in his hand… We Both Enjoyed Naughty Night Very Much!!!

    • Claire Casey

      Verrrrrry sexy, Felicia. I’m wondering if any man alive would make it all the way through the movie! ?

  9. I love some of yours ideas
    Can you please help me
    My boyfriend is in prison for a while and he wants me to write him something naughty BUT the letters get checked and anything naughty and the letters get returned
    Can you please please help me

  10. Claire Casey

    Hi Natalie!

    I’m not sure that’s a system you can get around, darling. 🙂 However, instead of writing naughty letters, you could try loving and affectionate. Here’s a link to an article with compliments men love to hear that might help:

    Sending you love as you work hard to maintain your relationship! xoxo Claire

  11. Great ideas! Any thoughts on what sexy notes to write my girlfriend? A lot of what you suggested can apply to my partner, just wondering if I should keep anything in mind. Thanks for reading this.

  12. Emily Berger

    So my man and I just had a baby, shes two months. He works at night a few nights a week and I pack his lunch. Ive been feeling lonely and been trying to come up with a way to be really sexy for him. Anything I could write on his lunch?

  13. “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” ❤️👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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