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The Crazy Happy Healing Power of the 30 Second Hug

There is deep, powerful healing mojo in a 30 second hug. And that isn’t just a guess, a hunch, or something that simply sounds romantic…

It’s a true gift in the universe!

How to really hug the man you love most

  1. Slow your approach. Let each part of your melting together draw out. Savor it!
  2. Allow a gentle smile to grow on your face, and gaze into his eyes as you reach for your man.
  3. Slide your hands up his back, or stroke them slowly over his body as you let your bodies close the space.
  4. Turn your head on his chest and murmur your pleasure. You may be rewarded by hearing a returning rumble of pleasure from him.
  5. Let the hug go on for longer than you normally would. If you happen to be able to see a clock while you hug, note how very long 30 seconds feels, when just a few minutes ago it hardly seemed like you had enough time in the day…
  6. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of breathing against him, and the experience of his body moving slightly against yours. Can you feel your hearts beating?
  7. End with a simple kiss and a word of appreciation and gratitude. (Or something even lovelier, in a private place for just the two of you… 🙂 )

30 second hug

3 proven ways hugs CAN change the world

Have you ever had the kind of day where you thought, “I just really need a hug”? You feel that way because there’s science that backs up the almost magical feeling a solid hug from a friend, family member, lover, or EVEN someone you don’t know very well can create in your body and mind.

When you hug someone, you feel them breathe. Heart rates slow down, health levels rise, and good things begin to fill the spaces formerly taken up by anxiety, frustration, and stress.

What if you did this every single day?

What if all of your friends did, too?

Here’s 3 reasons why hugs really CAN change the world…

1. Hugging releases oxytocin, the “love” hormone

hug your friendsOxytocin is the chemical in your body that helps you bond with people. The more you stimulate the release of this amazing hormone, the more trust and love is built between you and the person you’ve hugged.

Even kind hugs between complete strangers builds more layers of happiness and goodness in the universe!

2. Hugging lowers your blood pressure and stress levels

Have you ever been in an urgent — even an emergency — situation, and had someone give you a gentle, loving hug? This simple touch has the amazing power to instantly lower your blood pressure and decrease stress levels.

Hugging can also turn a bad mood into a better one, help you step out of your muddied mindset and gain fresh perspective, and even brighten your outlook on a difficult situation you may be facing.

3. Hugging builds patience and gratitude

When you take the time to consider what someone else needs, or to make a small, beautiful offering of your time and touch to another person, you’re not only breaking the cultural imperative to rush and not care, but you’re also investing in the loving power of the human spirit.

You’re choosing patience and kindness over hurry and self-focus.

You’re choosing gratitude over greed.

You’re multiplying joy in the world!

Tap into a man’s DEEP NEED for your love

In order to get a guy to choose AND commit to you, you have to give him __________ first…

Can you fill in the blank?

When guys get this, they don’t emotionally check out or pull away. They’re present, happy, committed, and in love.

–> Become irresistible to him

Watch the video, and learn how to tap deep into a man’s psychological need that that will make his mind run wild with thoughts of you.

xoxo Claire

3 comments on “The Crazy Happy Healing Power of the 30 Second Hug

  1. Claire,
    About 10 years ago my ex, my son, & I were in a bad auto accident. Our vehicle and our travel trailer were totaled in 95 mph winds. We were taken to this small town to a burger joint. A woman came in and gave me a hug. My ex asked who she was. I said, “I don’t know. Someone who just felt I needed a hug.” She said she had heard about the accident & came to help however she could. Ten years and I still remember that hug.

  2. Claire Casey

    What a great story, Maria. There really is healing in there… 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to read and share.

  3. It is true, all we need moré hugs!!

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