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How to Get a Guy Helplessly Thinking of You

get him thinking of you

You met, you sizzled, then… Where did he go? And how can you get him hot and bothered and thinking of you once again?

The easiest way to snap his thoughts to you like a giant love magnet 🙂

Hi, Claire. I met a great guy on a job interview at my company. He didn’t get the job but we kept in touch off and on. We had been doing flirty texts back and forth every week or so after he came for a conference and we met and walked around together for hours. His last text, more than a month ago, was about how I was a “good friend.”  How do I get back in the “thinking of you” zone? — Vanessa

Hey there, Vanessa, thanks for writing. Sounds like you got friend-zoned, huh? And it started so well!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get him thinking of you in the “sexy girlfriend” way again, even if you mostly only have texting plus a few short face-to-face experiences to work with.

Learn to text like the hot goddess you are

Here are a few ways you can use texting and the memories of the time you spent together to get him
helplessly thinking of you again…

I’ve had to put some distance between us, because I’m not sure I can behave like “just a friend” any more…You’re too distracting for me. ?

You looked amazingly sexy in that tee shirt. Have you been working out?

Your scent was like a drug to me. Every time I go close to you I wanted to press my face to your chest and inhale you. : )

Was I staring at your shoulders too much? I totally lost my train of thought. You’re going to have to stop doing that to me!

I was wondering… (He says “What?”) …what it would feel like if I let you kiss me.

If he doesn’t instantly snap to (and experience difficulty with his jeans feeling too tight)… well, he may be a zombie.

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Remember: Men CRAVE what they DON’T have

Generally speaking this means that you should LIVE your gorgeous life like you mean to squeeze out every single luscious drop, and then have life dessert, too.

And feel free to publicly communicate some of that joy you’re taking in life and dating and love.

When a man is browsing your social timeline and sees that there are other men interested in you, he begins to wonder what amazing things he might be missing out on.

The BEST text messages to win him back…

The RIGHT kind of texts can bring a guy back and put him on his knees, begging you to be his.

Get him thinking desperately of you

This video teaches you the REAL reason he wandered away…

AND how to use tiny little text messages to create an OBSESSION in his mind where he’ll do anything to be with you again (no matter how things were before.)

You’ve probably heard of Mike Fiore. He’s been on The Rachael Ray Show, was in a bunch of newspapers and magazines and is the absolute authority when it comes to showing you how to use this texting thing to crawl into a man’s mind…

If you’re even a LITTLE interested in getting that guy back and bothered and helplessly unable to stop thinking of you, you’ve got to watch this now…

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