QUIZ: How Intuitive Are You, Wise and Beautiful Woman?


Do you think of yourself as an intuitive person? Take the quiz to find out how intuitive you really are, then soak in the 6 powerful ways to grow your intuition…

How Intuitive Are You? Take this 12-question quiz and find out!

Answer each of the 12 questions below. Don't take a lot of time to study or think about each question, just answer them with whatever seems right to you. Don't forget to click the purple "Get my results" button at the bottom!

1. Do you make it a point to spend time alone on a regular basis?

2. Do you think of yourself as a very “mindful” person?

3. When you are feeling uncertainty, are you pretty confident you’ll eventually come up with a solution?

4. Is it fairly common for you to write down things in a journal, or doodle and sketch?

5. Is it pretty easy for you to accept and even laugh about your screw-ups?

6. Do you feel like your body gives you clear signals about what’s going on in your life?

7. Are you a very observant person?

8. Do you tend to be aware of “signs” in your daily life, connecting them to information that you need?

9. Are you sensitive to other people’s emotions?

10. When you are faced with a decision, are you comfortable letting your initial impulse pass, so that you can think more carefully about what you should do?

11. Do you pay close attention to your dreams?

12. When you’re navigating a tricky situation, is it normal for you to consult with mentors and coaches?

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Try things that are utterly new now and then.

Let those great currents of the universe help you look in new directions, and be open to sparkling new possibilities…!

6 more ways to  GROW your intuitive sense, and let it guide and heal you…

Here are 6 things you can do to grow your intuition, grow your trust in it, and allow your intuition to heal your life…

When you experience turmoil and “not knowing”…

1. Step away from the situation.

Take a break on the situation that is giving you questions so you can do some personal exploration. It’s hard to tell what’s happening from the middle of a storm.

Here’s a technique that can help: imagine a girlfriend is telling you about the situation in question. What things are you able to tell her? How are you seeing things she’s not seeing?

Be your own best girlfriend. Listen to the wisdom that rises up within your heart and soul…

2. Listen to your gut.

Are you getting a sick feeling in your stomach whenever you think about this? Do you feel heavy, or too light? Are you getting headaches? Is your energy level feeling out of balance?

That’s your body ringing an alarm bell. How can you respond better to your body’s clear signals?

3. Look up the past.

What situations does this one make you think of?

Take some time exploring personal stories and experiences that somehow seem related, even if you’re not sure at first how exactly they are connected.

What happened in those situations? How can you take away some insight on the situation you find yourself in?

4. Stop thinking so hard. Instead, art, play, hike, sleep, run, cook…

Sometimes, in order for your intuitive senses to work, your conscious mind needs a break.

So give it one.

You may find that after you spend some time hiking in the mountains, or playing with watercolors, or baking a lasagna, you start to feel some new knowledge coming to the surface.

5. Lean on a trusted friend or mentor.

I can’t over-emphasize how important it is to have an older, wiser friend who can listen and help you find your path.

Always be building those friendships, beautiful woman.

6. Journal yourself to clarity

Don’t worry about how messy it feels. Write, doodle, and journal to see what things are being communicated.

Pour all your thoughts onto the page, and see if by writing, patterns emerge. Ask your questions. Look to the page for answers.

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you scored, Wise Woman!

And be sure to use pass this on to a girlfriend who will also enjoy taking the quiz… 🙂

3 comments on “QUIZ: How Intuitive Are You, Wise and Beautiful Woman?

  1. I scored queen of intuitive…I thought I was good like that! ♡☆

  2. Thanks for the insight…! That was awesome!

    • Claire Casey

      Niiiiice, Carrie! Sounds like you have a good intuitive sense, and you know how to listen to it. ?

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