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6 Ways A True Gentleman Makes His Lady Desire Him

If there’s one thing great lovemaking does for a woman, it’s make her crave more great lovemaking.

A true gentleman knows exactly how to light his woman’s fire and stoke it until her desire burns hottest. These 6 things he knows and holds to…

1. A true gentleman knows that making love is MORE than intercourse

It’s also the way a man makes his woman feel, all day long. He is willing to do a little bit of planning to make the kind of magic that happens for hours and hours before she ever takes her clothes off. He takes on some extra tasks and chores in order to decrease the level of stress she’s under right now. He gets a sitter for the kids. And…

2. A true gentleman makes his lady think about him all day long

He plants his sexy ideas well in advance. He stops what he’s doing in order to stare at her while she’s dressing for the day. He sighs and shakes his head because he can’t believe how lucky he is. He tells her she’s gorgeous. He holds that heading-off-to-work kiss longer. He makes her keenly aware that she lights up his circuitry. Also…

  • He texts her during the morning to let her know he’s having trouble getting things done because he’s thinking of her.
  • He calls her to tell her he’s hiding in his office because he doesn’t want anyone to see how thoughts of her make him… ache.
  • He tells her he can’t stop thinking about the taste of her skin, the sexy curve of her hips…

3. A true gentleman uses his voice and touch to turn his lady on

He touches her like he just can’t resist the tiny, electric charge he gets in connection with her skin. In fact, this is also how he keeps from getting shifted aside into the friend zone… A woman isn’t “just friends” with a man who touches her gently, intently, and with smoldering desire in his fingertips.

  • A true gentleman lets his voice slow down, like warm molasses.
  • When he hugs her, he says something sexy – mmmmm – as she’s pressed against his chest. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the “right” words; he knows she can feel the rumbling vibrations more than hear them.
  • As they talk together, he touches her shoulder, her knee, the inside of her elbow. He leans over and rubs his thumb over her jawline. He tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. There’s no threat in this, only invitation and adoration.

4. A true gentleman makes his lady feel relaxed

He is a man of integrity, and builds trust in their relationship all along the way. Then, when it’s time…

  • He makes sure the door is locked, the blinds are shut, the TV and cell phones are off, and the dog is banished from the bedroom.
  • He considers lighting, and makes his seduction happen in a love nest – not a cluttered, stressful dump.
  • A true gentleman is filled with plenty of sincere admiration; he tells her how much he likes what he sees. As in…
    • I can’t keep my hands off your ________
    • Your skin is so smooth and gorgeous…
    • You look amazing…
    • You are such a beautiful woman…
    • You make me feel so aroused…

5. A true gentleman learns what his lady loves in bed

He’s open to many things, but when he learns what SHE likes, he can unlock and unleash her sexual prowess, and will also have an incredible experience himself. He makes it a point to learn her fantasies, the places she most loves to be touched, the things that make her sigh, or ache, or demand…

6. A true gentleman encourages a woman to take HER pleasure

He knows it’s not his job to “give” her an orgasm, but he does everything in his power to make it happen. He reminds her she’s safe, and encourages her to give in to the pleasure and do whatever it takes to revel in the bliss.

  • He asks her to show him how she pleasures herself.
  • He invites her to tell him what feels best.
  • He tells her how sexy she is when she orgasms.

He knows it’s not all about the Big O. Or a marathon. He knows it’s about how he adores her, how she trusts him, and how they show radiant, intense consideration for each other in their most intimate moments.

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  1. I know right? But you know, in some twisted way I found him rtaher adorable. Or maybe I’m just a softy with some grace for past generations. There was a time where those sorts of comments were accepted by both gender extremes. Not to sound off like a viper feminist, but his way of thinking is not gone. Women to this day contort themselves over ideals set in place by the sexual desires of their men. Oh wow what a great conversation for Valentines day!

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