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Don’t Have Enough Time? How to Tame the Time Monster and Recover Your Life…

You don’t have enough time! And there are good reasons for why you feel that way, but guess what? YOU can tame that monster and win back control.

How to Get Control of Your Time (So You Can Be the Sparkly, Powerful Princess In Charge)…

Feeling crazed, overwhelmed, or paralyzed by all the things you need to get done? It’s not your fault. But you can stop being yanked around by the thousand tasks you’re facing. You CAN have enough time for the important things, including yourself. Here’s how…

1. Determine your WHEN: When’s your best time of day?

It helps a lot to know WHEN you get your best work done.

My man tends to turn into a pumpkin at about 9 pm, but girlfriend, he’s up and moving like a locomotive at 4 am. To me, that’s pure insanity. I like to stay up late and I don’t even work up a full head of steam and start working like I mean it until about 10 am.

When is your best time of day for getting things done?

2. Understand your HOW: Are you a firefighter or a fence-checker?

Do you work better when you have a ton of fires burning, and you’re under a lot of pressure? Do you shine when you’re working hard in every direction and getting grimy and wrecked, but getting it DONE?

unlock-your-healingIf so, you’re a firefighter type, and you can rename that panicky feeling that you have when there’s a lot you have to do but you know you don’t have enough time. Instead of letting your head say “I’m so busy, I’ll never get anything done!” say, “I’m excited, I have a lot to do!”

And remember, firefighters work in bursts, with rests in between.

Perhaps you are better at stringing your tasks out like fence posts, where you can carefully and methodically handle one thing at a time, making your way slowly but surely to the end of the line.

If so, you’re a fence-checker. Claim it, and set up your tasks accordingly.

If you’re a mix of the two (or some other style entirely), that’s okay! Knowing HOW, as well as WHEN you get your best work done is going to help you get to the finish line.

3. Be crystal clear on your priorities

Feeling like you don’t have enough time frequently happens when you don’t know what specific tasks are a priority.

If you have a thousand things on your list, and they all feel like they are the same level of importance, you’re gonna get snowed under faster than a ladybug in a blizzard. 🙂

For that matter, you’ll have a terrible time even getting started, because the amount of stuff you have to do will feel paralyzing.

Sound familiar? If so, then you need to prioritize, girlfriend!

Take some time to get all your stuff on a list, then figure out what the top 5 REALLY most important things are.

IMPORTANT NOTE — Don’t miss this!!

In case you forgot, lovely princess, YOU are a top priority. 🙂 Taking care of YOU is important. If YOU aren’t cared for, you can hardly handle all these other things, right? Just a tiny, sparkly reminder.

4. Align. Dump stuff that isn’t in line with your top goals/priorities in daily life.

This assumes you know what’s really important in your life, y’know? (See item #3, if you forgot already.)

Getting your life and work into alignment means that you know what things you should say “no” to. It keeps you from running scattered all over the place.

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5. Review your list the night before and set your intention.

Ever heard the phrase, “I need to sleep on it”?

Every time-managing princess needs her beauty rest.

Use the time right before you go to bed to look over your tasks for the day or week ahead. You can set your intention to get them done and then let your subconscious mind take over for a few hours while you sleep.

Sometimes your mind will solve a few of the messy tangles and you’ll wake up with an answer that you couldn’t come up with before.

And other times you’ll wake up with your work or tasks for the day fresh and set in your mind.

Set your intention the night before and get the important things done!

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xoxo Claire

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