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Feed Him a Sexy Picnic

Food can be incredibly erotic, and sensuously feeding your man a sexy food right from your naked fingers can make the needle on both your Romance-O-Meters jump right off the dial.

Begin by finding quiet, tucked away spot. Sure, it could be a hotel balcony overlooking the ocean, but it might also be the hood of his car on a moonlit night, or a hammock-for-two slung in the back yard. The main thing is that the two of you are together and ready for romance. With some delightful, delicious viands…

First Rule of Sexy Picnicking

Don’t take any silverware! Concentrate on finger foods like fresh fruits (particularly fragrant, ripe passion fruits), raw vegetables, and plenty of delicious things in which to dip your food.

Second Rule of Sexy Picnicking

Take the free quiz!Eat like you’re making love. Even if it makes you both dissolve in helpless giggles. (I’m suddenly remembering an incident where my man and I were doing the “feed each other strawberries” thing in bed and we just got a terrible, maniacal, hiccup-inducing case of the chortles. But it was still fun!)

Be willing to camp it up. Put on your sexy siren attitude and enjoy yourself! Dribble some honey on your finger and slowly lick it off while gazing languidly up and down his body. Lean forward (exposing some creamy breast) to gently feed him a frosty raspberry from your lips or tongue. Even a sweet, slowly melting popsicle can be an incredibly sexy food.

18 Sexy Foods

Below are 18 sensual picnic foods (use alone, or combine them) to get you started planning your uber-romantic culinary escapade. And don’t forget the wine, champagne, or sparkling seltzer!

1. Seedless ripe red and yellow cherries with warm and crusty vanilla scones

2. Frosty, lush grapes served with a selection fragrant, delicious cheeses

3. Cooked and chilled lobster or shrimp with cocktail sauce

4. Juicy, warm-from-the-sun peaches, served whole

5. Whole, sweet ripe figs, a rich selection of olives, and a handful of almonds

6. Soft, delicious pita triangles with creamy hummus for dipping

7. Cucumber fingers with cracked black pepper and sea salt

8. Crispy, seeded crackers topped with fresh, organic peanut butter and local honey

9. Strawberries and whipped cream

10. Hearty slices of roast beef on whole-grain rolls, topped with horseradish

11. Delicate slivers of ripe, fresh pear dipped in chocolate mousse

12. Steamed and chilled fresh asparagus with lemon slices

13. Grilled chicken fingers to dip in spicy barbeque sauce

14. A bowl of rich, chilled raspberries

15. Sliced hard-boiled eggs topped with caviar or black pepper

16. A tray of small sweet gherkins and sour dill pickles

17. Plate of cheeses and artisan crackers or herbed bruschetta

18. Apple slices with fresh plain yogurt and honey for dipping

Mmm. Just reading that list ought to make your romance indicators jump. Bon apetit!


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xoxo Claire

6 comments on “Feed Him a Sexy Picnic

  1. The combination of your lover, great food and amazing locations is unbeatable.

  2. I LOVE your ideas!! I have a bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin…and guess what is an option for our guests to order – a picnic!! We have whirlpools for two with a view of the fireplace in every room so it’s a perfect place for a romantic, sexy picnic! I am going to share your ideas on my facebook page. Please check out my website at – and thanks again for your ideas!

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Carol

      Thanks for the cheer! And for sharing this article on your LazyCloud Facebook page (I jumped over there just now and “liked” it). Your B&B looks quite lovely. I loved the Enchanted Treehouse Suite! If I’m ever in Wisconsin… 🙂

  3. Claire, I enjoy your articles and emails but I do have one question. The person I sm dating is legally blind and can barely see. Big a guy, how do I make visual thongs work for him? For instance giving hom that look or letting a flash of skin show won’t do me any good.. any other suggestions?

    • Claire Casey

      Wow, what a great question, D.

      The answer is that you simply have to concentrate on the OTHER senses. The sexy picnic is a great thing to try because it centers around taste, and anything that emphasizes touch, scent, or sound are going to work too.

      So yeah, you can’t use sight as much, but if you were already reading this article, it sounds like you are already figuring out how to ramp up the sexy for your guy… 🙂

      Have fun, and check back in and share other creative solutions you find work well. We’d all love to hear them…!

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