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First Date: How to Know If He Could Be The One

Even though it’s only your first date, you just may get the opportunity to answer this ONE REVEALING QUESTION that will let you know whether the two of you have the potential to make it in a long-term relationship…

How you can find out if he has the potential to be “The One” on the very first date…

“Hi Claire! I enjoy your Facebook page and quizzes very much, I learn a lot! So thank you. And I have a question.

I met this man recently and we had instant chemistry and connection. He asked for my number and wanted to go out the very next day, but I already had plans. Well, he had to go work out of town, about two hours away. We’ve been talking while he’s gone and I enjoy him very much. He makes me smile. He makes me giddy like a school girl. He’s playful. He’s hardworking and ambitious, which makes me more attracted to him. I like what I know of him so far.

He wants me to come visit him but I’m not looking to jump into bed with him. However, I’d love to see him again! How do I navigate this! Go for the day but not stay the night, or make him wait til he comes back to town?”  – Kacey

Hi, Kacey, thanks for your message. You sound adorably in love. 🙂 It’s the wackiest sort of fun, isn’t it? But it’s also a bit of a struggle, too, to keep your head above all the fizzy stuff while you negotiate the first few experiences of a new man.

Here’s what you should do.

1. Remember that new relationships are ALWAYS like this

It’s not that this particular guy is lighting up your circuits, this is simply what happens when we fall in love.

I don’t say that to bring you down at all – just to remind you that this crazy swimming-in-the-ball-pit-of-love part is normal AND (here’s the important bit!) it also passes.

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2. So keep track of the important things and let little stuff go on by

He’s “hardworking, ambitious, and playful” and those are good things to have in a guy. So far you’re doing a great job of keeping track of what’s really important, rather than being distracted by the smaller details.

But you know what’s even MORE important that what you’ve already listed? See the next item…

3. THE BIG FIRST DATE TEST: How well the two of you negotiate obstacles together

It’s KEY that you not simply bend to everything that’s convenient for him. You need to value yourself and your time and energy.

Be available, but not completely and totally at his beck and call.

I think you’re smart to NOT be planning to jump into bed with him. And I don’t think either of you should expect the other one to do all the accommodating…

4. One EASY solution to this particular problem…

Offer to meet him halfway for a date.

If he’s only two hours away, this is totally do-able.

Scope out a couple of restaurants, small concert venues, good hikes, sporting events, or other interesting date spots/ideas. Find two or three that are mid-way between you, offer to let him choose one from those, and see how he responds to that.

If he’s sullen or cranky and demands that you “come to him,” or insists that the “date” take place at one of your apartments, you have a big red flag.

5. No matter what, DON’T give in to little-boy demands just to keep a guy “on the hook”

That is not the kind of man you’re looking for.

You are much, much more valuable than that, and there are other guys who would love to have your attention and won’t behave like a toddler.

So if this one flakes out, it’s better to know that here at the beginning rather than farther into the relationship.

Like I said, you can learn SO MUCH from a first date, especially from how well he pulls together with you to work out the very first small problems and obstacles.

My very best to you, beautiful! You sound like you are well on your way!


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