He Doesn’t Want to Get Married (But I Do!)

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What happens when one partner truly, deeply wants to get married and the other one…not so much?

How Do I Get Him to WANT to Get Married??

“I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 7 months now & its had its ups & downs, but the relationship has been amazing. We both know that we are committed & want to be together for as long as we are here in this life.

I’m 30 years old. I feel like my time is running out & I sincerely want him to be my husband, to be the man that I wake up to forever. I’ve asked him what his view on marriage was before & he simply stated that he didn’t understand why ppl needed a piece of paper to validate their relationship.

I know that this is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life; how can I make him see how important this is to me?” — Nikki

What Men Secretly WantOf course you can be deeply committed and have a marvelous relationship without marriage; without the “piece of paper” that legally connects the two of you.

Of course, when you get married — in front of Elvis, a pastor, or the justice of the peace — there are some benefits.

  • tax deductions
  • social security benefits
  • legal decision-making benefits, like medical decisions
  • inheritance benefits
  • health insurance benefits
  • emotional health benefits like longer life and less depression

HOWEVER, for many women, getting married is also about the public statement of commitment and accountability.

He said “I do” in public!!

And those are your friends who agree to support and help you out the best they can. That’s your family, trying to help you get launched together.

And I think there’s an even bigger piece of the picture, a bigger gift than all the rest:

Surprise! The single biggest gift of the legal wedding is…

That your man will do it because YOU so deeply desire it.

Nikki, I think you’ve got a GREAT shot at getting hitched to the guy you adore. Because so far the relationship is going wonderfully well, and it sounds like he truly loves you.


There’s a simple way to turn your man into a True Believer and want to get married…

And that’s to give him some time to realize that YOU are the woman he just can’t live without.

Seven months isn’t that long, fierce heart.

Things are AWESOME for the two of you, but I think you would benefit by giving this incredible guy a little bit of time to make a very important choice.

You want him to actively CHOOSE YOU.

To decide all on his own that he’d be a fool to let you slip away.

So here are two beautiful, powerful steps for you:

  1. Let him know how important marriage is to you
  2. Help him see that you are the woman of his dreams; the one he simply can’t live without

Everybody has a different timeline, and that’s true for your guy as well. In fact, that would be a good conversation to have with him. Does he EVER think he might get married? What would that situation look like?

Give him the benefit of some time, and let him choose to give you one of the great gifts of any lifetime: a wedding in which he promises to have and hold, honor and cherish, forever.

THIS makes him CHOOSE to commit…

In order to get a guy to voluntarily COMMIT to you (without giving ultimatums and with him thinking it’s 100% his idea) you have to give him __________ first.

Can you fill in the blank?

(Hint: It has nothing to do with taking your clothes off or telling him how much you love him.)

Most guys who DON’T get this from the woman they are with begin to emotionally check out, start looking at other women, and even find themselves pulling away.

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But if he gets this one thing?

Then he is present, happy, committed, in love.

So what is it?

What is the one emotion that makes men faithful, committed, loyal and desperate to be yours and only yours forever?

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xoxo Claire
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