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How to Get Compliments From Him EVERY DAY

get compliments from him

Here’s how to get compliments from him on a regular basis, and even make him think it’s his own idea!

Want to get compliments from him EVERY DAY? Here’s the secret…

“Claire, why do I never get compliments from my boyfriend? I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Am I too prideful to want him to notice and say something nice about me?” – Josephina

Hi, Josephina, thanks for writing.

Girlfriend, every woman loves a sincere compliment. It feels wonderful to hear how much a man appreciates and enjoys the things about you that make you unique and sparkling in the universe.

Before I explain the 3 simple steps for how you can get compliments from him (every day or as much as you want), let me explain 2 reasons WHY it might not be happening just yet…

  1. The issue MIGHT be that your boyfriend is an introvert. Some people don’t normally give out compliments because it just isn’t in their nature, and it would never occur to them to do so. That doesn’t mean you can’t get compliments from him (see below), but it may mean that you’ll need to look at the OTHER ways he communicates his love and affection for you (like small gifts, cooking for you, etc.). Those expressions of love count, too!
  2. In addition, he may not know how important this is to you. Don’t worry, I’ll explain how you can communicate this with him in a minute. And even if it doesn’t come naturally to him, if he wants to make you feel loved, then he’ll work to learn this valuable skill.

Get Compliments From Him Step 1: Understand your TOP needs in a relationship

There’s is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to feel appreciated by the man you love.

It’s 100% okay to have needs! It doesn’t make you “prideful” to want to get compliments from him now and then.

It might be that hearing nice things about your achievements, appearance, or other characteristics is one of the main things that makes you feel loved.

That’s a pretty important thing in a relationship.

For some people, the lack of sincere, meaningful compliments is a relationship deal-breaker.

Now, if you have a list seven miles long of stuff you want in this relationship (I want him to bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, tell me how gorgeous I am, always pick movies I want to watch, take care of the kids, keep the house clean, rub my feet, and give me 12 orgasms every time we get busy, etc., lol, etc.), then sit down and do some prioritization.

Which things would be NICE to have, and which things are CRITICAL? Don’t let the small stuff hold as much weight as the big stuff.

But let’s say you already know that receiving compliments is one of your top Love Languages. You NEED it to feel loved. You gotta have it.

In that case, here’s what you do, soulshine…

Get Compliments From Him Step 2: Be willing to ASK for what you need (here’s how)

new relationshipIt may sound weird to you at first (“Really? ASK for a compliment??”) but it can be done with loving care in a direct way that he can understand.

And that’s KEY: Guys don’t “do” hints. And generally they are VERY appreciative when the woman they love is willing to tell them specifically and directly what she wants and needs from him.

Part of how to get compliments from him is to LOVE YOURSELF. Be crazy-proud of your accomplishments, your looks, your skills, your successes! When you highly value yourself, you come across as extremely confident and happy and that is a POWERFUL APHRODISIAC to every healthy, red-blooded man on the planet.

For example:

“I can’t believe I finished in the top ten at the warrior race! Does it make you feel proud to have such a strong, fast girlfriend?”

“Well, I got the raise I asked for. What do you think? Tell me how I’m the smartest, sexiest recruit in the place…”

“This is my fave brand of jeans, and they were my reward for losing 10 pounds this summer. How hot do I look in them? Use lots of sexy words…”

“Wow, that was the hardest exam I’ve ever taken, but I feel like I did well. Tell me all about how someone with my skills will be a fabulous lawyer…”

Even when you don’t feel confident, you can ask him:

“I’m feeling so anxious about meeting your mom. Tell me again why you love me and want her to love me, too…”

“I wonder if my speech will go well at the conference. Talk to me about why I’m gonna crush it…”

“Are you as nervous about moving as I am? Let’s make a list together of all the reasons why this move is gonna make us more awesome people than ever before…”

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Get Compliments From Him Step 3: Catch him doing it well, and reward him!

This is how you start building the cycle of expressions of love from him, and there are two main ways you can get it going.

1. TELL him…

“You make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world when you say that!”

“Mmmm, when you tell me things sexy couplelike that, it makes me want to grab you, kiss you, and never let you go…!”

“I was so worried, and your words really put me at ease. Thank you for loving me so well and understanding EXACTLY what I needed.”

“I love it when you tell me I’m beautiful (special, talented, etc.). What an incredible man I have!”

“You are such a fabulous boyfriend. Your compliments make me feel like the most [successful, gorgeous, happy, etc] woman.”

2. SHOW him…

That means you give him the things HE most values in your relationship.

Maybe that’s sex, maybe it’s admiration, maybe it’s something else. Whatever lights his circuits, that’s what you want to reward him with, girlfriend.

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xoxo Claire

2 comments on “How to Get Compliments From Him EVERY DAY

  1. Cool post and tips, thanks Claire! I will keep this handy in case I ever need it! 😀 So far I haven’t felt the need for more compliments, and it also helped that I sent the guy the “5 love languages” quiz and we shared results, and when he found out that my top “language” is “Words of Affirmation”, he said “oh, so I should give you complements more often; ok, noted” (doesn’t he sound adorable? :p ). I think that quiz made him realize words are important for me (even though for him they’re low on the “makes me feel loved” list).

    And Josephina: good luck to you, and let us know how it goes!

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