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How to Let a Tsunami of Unconditional Love Into Your Life

Sometimes it’s hard to let love into your life. Here’s why…

Do you know how to let WAVE after WAVE of unconditional love into your life?

There are digital mountains of myths about how to let love into your life out there; you see them on Facebook and Tumblr and Pinterest and you can’t help but be instantly attracted to them.

But maybe you should re-evaluate the things you’ve been automatically liking, reposting, and pinning.

Statements like:

  • There’s ONE soulmate out there for you. (Not true! There are MANY potential mates!)
  • You’ll just KNOW when it’s the right man for you. (Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. It takes time to know.)
  • The perfect relationship for you will “just happen” at the right time. (Ugh. Real relationships takes effort.)

But here’s one that hits at a foundational belief for me, and maybe for you too… If you can’t see the video below, click this link.)

THIS one ISN’T a myth, though…

The truth is that love has found you.

Not just a little, stingy-sized portion. An ENORMOUS amount of love. More love than you could possibly imagine. The kind of love that washes over and utterly remakes your life in the most beautiful way…

“Love is already underneath your window and tossing up pebbles to get you to wake up and look down and see it. The universe is head over heels in love with YOU, already. The forests are in love with you. The mountains and ocean are in love with you. The universe has been crafted and set in motion for love of you…”  – Claire Casey

Do you believe this like I do? Can you let love into your life by shifting your perspective, maybe unlocking your heart just a bit?

Let love into your life! How to start receiving ALL the love the universe wants to give you

I know, it’s not always as simple as it sounds. But there is a trick to opening that window or door to love. If you think no one loves you, no one is sending love your way, there’s a surefire way to change that, beginning now…

“Let Love Into Your Life” Tip #1. Start with the beautiful woman in the mirror

You begin by loving yourself.

  • What accomplishments have you achieved?
  • What gifts have you already given to the world that you can now give to yourself?
  • Is there some healing work you need to do for yourself?
  • Are you taking care of your spiritual and physical needs, and giving yourself the gift of as much emotional health as you possibly can?

If you want a list you can jot on a sticky note, here you go, gorgeous…

  • Celebrate your strengths
  • Practice deep, daily gratitude
  • Accept compliments with a smile (and say “Thank you!”)
  • Befriend your inner critic
  • Love yourself NOW, rather than putting it off as a future reward
  • Work on healing the wounds of your past

Clear out the weeds in your own love garden, and soon colorful, fragrant, prolific new life will be blooming there.

“Let Love Into Your Life” Tip #2. Surround yourself with the right people

Consider the people you keep around you.

  • Are they also emotionally healthy?
  • Do they care deeply about your best interests?
  • Do they coach, encourage, and mentor you?

The universe wants you to have a constellation of friends like that. Know why?

Because sadness and despair thrives in isolation. When you’re cut off from your tribe, you begin to forget what love looks and feels like, even if you are well-practiced at loving yourself.

“Let Love Into Your Life” Tip #3. Fake it till you make it

Sometimes you know what you need to do in order to let the universe fill up your love tank, but you just don’t feel like doing it. Feelings happen, and as far as I know, there isn’t a switch you can flip to turn them completely off or on at will. 🙂

But you still control your behavior! So in this case, DO the right thing first, and let the right thoughts and feelings come later. Like the old saying goes, sometimes in order to let love into your life, you gotta fake it till you make it.

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xoxo Claire

4 comments on “How to Let a Tsunami of Unconditional Love Into Your Life

  1. Dear Claire,

    I’m dating a man that says he never wants to be married again. I do. We have slept together one time. Should I continue this relationship or should I just let it go since we want different things? He’s had terrible relationships, hard, mental & verbal abuse from his past relationships. I too had that but I went thru a healing period and feel whole again. I always picked the strays I don’t want to do that anymore. He’s a wonderful gentle handsome man. I have a tendency to jump in with both feet, but I’m a little hesitate since both want the same thing. Deep down I feel like he’s saying that because he’s lost both times. Then he fell instantly in love with a woman with incest issues. That knocked his knees out from under him. I need a whole man. I’m also dating another man that caters to me, thinks I’m the cats meow. He has everything materially you could ask for but I believe he’s a racist ( he doesn’t like Motown. Who does not like Motown).& I can’t deal with that. Im looking for character & someone who is appealing to me. I’m so confused. Please help me

  2. Claire Casey

    Who doesn’t like Motown?! You crack me up, Julie. Okay, here’s my short answer:

    Guy #1 said he’s not interested, so let him be not interested. You need a whole man, like you said. And although EVERYBODY has baggage, it sounds like he’s not interested in dealing with his right this minute. Don’t spin your wheels in that muck; you won’t get anywhere.

    Guy #2 is an alien from another planet because who doesn’t like Motown? 🙂 Seriously, I wonder if you’re dismissing him too quickly. Racism can be complicated. Does he feel like people with a particular skin color or national background are “better” or “worse” than all others? Does he make jokes based on every race but his own? Does he blame his personal problems on people with other skin colors? Does he treat co-workers, neighbors, etc differently based on their heritage? Does he freak out when he sees interracial couples?

    Take him a bit more seriously than his music preferences and see if things continue to grow between you.

  3. Dear Claire,

    You are awesome!!

    Your writing on the unconditional love of the universe really resonated with me. I truly feel that what you said has so much truth to it.

    I have a huge connection to nature and God and they have both always been there for me.

    This last July I met a wonderful man and we have been getting to know each other slowly, as we both have demanding careers. This has made my grown son very happy for me.

    I did purchase one of your programs a while back, and truth be told I am so busy in my career as an arts educator that I will wait until summer to get into it.

    Meanwhile, your e-mails provide inspiration! So thank you!

    And unconditional love for all, the universe is filled with an abundance of love.



    • Claire Casey

      I’m SO glad to hear that you’re open to the abundance of love and inspiration, Maureen. And I’m deeply honored to be a small part of that in your life! xoxo

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