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How to Set Off On The Ride of Your Life and Love Every Minute of It

Here’s how you can leave behind the things that are holding you back and finally set off on the REAL ride of your life…

The crazy, good ride of your life

A year and a half ago I lived midway between the ocean and the mountains, but my heart belonged to the high country. Every year we camped for a week somewhere in the mountains, on one of those trips I suddenly thought to myself, “Why not LIVE in the mountains, instead of just vacationing here?”

Thus the dream was born…hooponopono

And three years after I had that thought, I was listing my house for sale, and entering that stage where everything is half-packed, or in the pile that says “take to thrift store” or just plain hiding somewhere. Good luck finding the toilet paper, or your left shoe. 🙂 I was fed up with the people I loved, snapping at strangers, and too exhausted to push the (dirty) hair out of my face.

It was like riding a bike with no brakes. Downhill!

Of course, order eventually came out of the chaos, but while it was all still in crazytown, you know what? I was on the ride of my life. It’s what I had dreamed of, finally coming to life. So I was determined to ENJOY the crazy, wobbly, out-of-control ride.

Dreams can be wild like that, and you gotta be willing to throw your hands up and enjoy the wind rushing through your (dirty, lol) hair!

But before you can ride the wacky life-dream ride, you have to let go of a few things, and not just the desire for some kind of order in your universe…

Are YOU on the ride of your life?

5 things to give up or let go of, in order to get started on your dream

There are so many things that want to KEEP you from having the ride of your life…

1. Don’t let money run your life

When getting more green stuff is the ultimate goal of your life, you can churn a giant rut right into the mud and be stuck there for a good long while. I don’t want money to be your main goal in life; I want you to be focused on becoming the women you were meant to be.

Money will help you with that, but if you put it ahead of personal fulfillment and joy, or your good relationships, then it will quickly own you.

2. Never allow your desire to be secure own you

Nothing is secure. Everything could change tomorrow.

I understand you want to feel some solidity in life, and have some belief that you are safe and everything is okay. But don’t let that keep you from stepping out and slipping onto that roller coaster or that bike with no brakes that will take you to your dreams.

3. Move out of your head

Sometimes you think too much, you know? Try moving about 18 inches south, and live from your heart more.

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4. Get unstuck from the past

The past is over, but boy is it EVER sticky! Either you endlessly dissect it, or you romanticize it, or you deeply regret and can’t seem to get over it. Boy has the past got it’s glue all over you.

So you gotta either learn from it, or just appreciate it, but you can’t set off on the ride of your life unless you give up your obsession with the past.

5. Stop working so hard on it

Girl, I can PLAN something to DEATH. Then I get all caught up in the zillion details, and it becomes a misery.

Sometimes you gotta back off, take a little time to sip tea and watch the cat stretch out lazily on the rug. Sometimes you need to paint your nails all the colors of the rainbow, and trade silly jokes on the phone with a girlfriend. Take a walk in the woods (my fave) and collect emotional “treasures” like a shiny red pebble, the dappling of sunlight on leaves, or the shushing sound of wind.

Now. Unlock the power of “Ho’nopono” in your life and begin!

This is like a stick of dynamite…and the moment you get started the fuse gets lit.

  • It blows away the complexity of breakthrough
  • It destroys the shackles holding you back
  • It heals the deepest of wounds and blocks… even the “impossible” ones.

–> And this is the only place you can discover how the masters use it

Let’s pull back the curtain and show you exactly how to master the true secrets of Ho’oponopono.

It starts here.

xoxo Claire

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