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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend? (Maybe Not as Well as You Think!)

know your boyfriend quiz

How well do you REALLY know your boyfriend? These 10 simple boyfriend quiz questions will tell you exactly where you may be missing some critically important information.

Give the quiz to your girlfriends, too, and find out exactly what they know (or don’t know!) about their guys. Or turn it around and see if your boyfriend can answer these questions about YOU…

how to kiss a manQUIZ: Find Out How Well You REALLY Know Your Boyfriend

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1. I know who my boyfriend’s three best friends are.

2. I can tell you what my boyfriend dreams of doing with his life.

3. I know (pretty clearly) the state of my boyfriend's finances.

4. I know what the biggest stresses he's facing are (or what he’s worried about).

5. I know exactly what kinds of things make my boyfriend feel most loved (his love language).

6. I can list the relatives that drive him nuts.

7. I can name the top three things my boyfriend likes in bed.

8. I know what type of personality my boyfriend is (introvert, extrovert, etc.).

9. I know what he likes to do in his spare time.

10. I can always tell when something's bothering him.

What does your KISS say to a man…?

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How To Kiss a Man Boyfriend Quiz

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