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Is Marrying Your Soulmate A “Sure Thing?”

You’re both instantly smitten, definitely in love. Finally, two soulmates have been united! Is there ANY reason in the universe not to marry your soulmate and begin your “happily ever after” right now?

He’s My Soulmate. Any Reason Not to Marry Him RIGHT NOW?

“Dear Claire, I’ve been in one messy relationship after another, including a bad marriage. But three months ago, my whole outlook on relationships changed. I met an incredible man, and I’m not making this up — there was an almost audible click when we started talking! We both know we are soulmates. We’re both in our 40s, is there any reason NOT to marry, now that I FINALLY found him?? And before you protest, I know there are lots of “arranged marriages” that work out great with less…” — Allena

Hi Allena, I am so glad you are enjoying this new relationship! But before you run off to Vegas to get married by Elvis (which is expensive; I looked into it myself!) I have a few thoughts for you…

Marriages based on “instant attraction” (or even “arrangement”) CAN work…

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I don’t have any doubt at all that a fast wedding with a couple head-over-heels in love could last a lifetime. But in the States, you simply won’t have the same cultural support, the same parental insight and information, and you may not have the attitude of commitment that — for example — couples in India might have.

Here’s another option for you…

EVEN if you’re marrying your soulmate, relationships are built like a house is built, one tiny step at a time.

You find a beautiful lot, save your money, put in a well, take out some of the trees or boulders so you can have a driveway cut… There’s a crazy amount of stuff to do even before you start on the house itself!

The single most important thing you should know is that marrying your soulmate will not magically fail-proof your relationship.

So why not take your time and lay some groundwork for this new relationship house you want to build?

Allow time and working/loving together for a while to show you things like

  • Do you have similar life values?
  • How much do you trust each other?
What happens as you go through really hard times together?
  • Are you each willing to grow and mature together?
  • Can you both function happily as individuals, as well as when you’re together?

You may be marrying your soulmate, but the relationship must still be crafted lovingly by hand over time.

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Successful long-term relationships weren’t perfect from the day they began (or ever, actually)

Sure, you can find someone with lots of great potential, lots of ways they are a fantastic match for you, but the real test happens as you journey together, surviving life-altering storms, unexpected trespassers, mind-blowing beauty, embarrassing failures, and even getting through long, boring-as-hell stretches.

Even when you’re marrying your soulmate!

3 more reasons there’s just no rush

You’re in a giant rush. I get that. You’re in your 40s, you want to find a life partner, you feel like the clock is ticking. But just because he’s your soulmate doesn’t mean your marriage will be automatically fail-proof.

I think there are compelling reasons to slow this down a notch (or three).

  • Be interested, but not desperate.
  • WANT a man, but don’t NEED him.
Invite someone to share your life, but don’t invest fully until your trust has been proven.

DON’T make these 3 mistakes right off the bat!

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Well then you need to stop what you’re doing and watch this from start to finish!

xoxo Claire

2 comments on “Is Marrying Your Soulmate A “Sure Thing?”

  1. Hi I’ve been seeing a man on off for two years now and he just wants friendship from me and he says he cares but I don’t see him much I’ve meet his mum and two of his sisters daughters since then it’s all gone down hill my car got smashed up by a dark girl and sinc then he has no time for me I think he just wants me when he wants me he could not even let me see him on his birthday and he tells his sister daughter that when she sends him a text he says I love u not once has he told me he loved vest me in 2 years of am dreaming he will change and think more of me or is he just using me

    • Claire Casey

      Hi, Glenda — Thanks for reading and commenting.

      If he said he “just wants friendship” then I would believe him. And even his version of friendship isn’t all that healthy for you. Like you said, he just wants you when it’s convenient for him.

      Keep looking for other friends, and definitely for available men. This one is off the list. 🙁

      xoxo Claire

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