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QUIZ: How Sensual Are You?

Do you feel elegant, grounded, and vibrating with sensuality? From your luscious scent to your confidence, from your vibrant energy to the way your feet welcome your path, are you alive to the gifts of the universe down to your very cells?

Or do you think of yourself as a sensual woman at all?

These “How Sensual Are You” quiz questions are fun to answer on your own, but they’re much more enjoyable if you do them with a girlfriend. Do the quiz during a ladies’ night out or on a road trip, and enjoy hearing each other’s answers. And consider planning some special treats for yourself where you deeply indulge your senses: sight, scent, taste, feel, and sound…

Welcome to the "How Sensual Are You?" Quiz!

There are 17 questions. Just click on the button that seems most like you. 🙂

Someone hands you a a fresh bouquet of flowers. The first thing you do is...

You're hiking in a lovely park or forest and you see some very climbable trees. You...

It's the first warm day in ages, but it's still chilly outside. Do you...

You're eating a meal alone. You typically...

Do you like to pet furry animals?

Do you practice stillness or meditate?

When you're reading for pleasure, sometimes

You need to get some new shampoo. The first thing you do is...

Choose the answer below that best describes your physical/emotional posture right this minute:

You're walking through a shopping center and an energetic song comes on over the speakers. You are most likely to...

If you had the chance and you knew no one else would see, would you swim naked in a beautiful pool, lagoon, or lake?

How often have you made an effort to get up to see the sunrise, or be in a good place to enjoy a sunset?

How do you feel about public displays of affection with your guy?

You've just arrived for a walk on the beach on a gorgeous day. The first thing you do is...

You're enjoying an intimate dinner out with your man. During a romantic moment, he gazes into your eyes for several moments with a sexy little smile. You...

You're in front of a rack of expensive leather jackets. The first thing you do is...

You walk into a very busy, crowded coffee shop for a drink. You are most likely to...

Be sure to click the button below to see your results!

Are you ready to come into your sensual superpowers?

If you really want to blow his mind, and leave absolutely no doubt that YOU are the most amazing sex goddess he’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing, you need to have a sensual toolkit brimming with sexy and naughty tricks.

And I don’t mean silly magazine fluff or cartoons of the position-of-the-month, but techniques that reach right into the heart of his sexuality. That speak directly, and specifically, to how he sees himself as a man.

If you are ready to take the next step, click HERE to watch this video (Warning: This is NOT something you want overheard at work!)

OR, if you don’t want to be overheard, you can click HERE for the article version without sound.

Darling, you are beautiful, sexy, and powerful, and I can’t wait to see you rule the relationship jungle like the sensual tigress you are.

xoxo Claire

5 comments on “QUIZ: How Sensual Are You?

  1. Awesome!

  2. Thank you Claire for the inspiring words, and I truly enjoyed the quiz, it is actually the way I live for the most part. Every beautiful lady needs to take this quiz!!

  3. Claire Casey

    Thanks, Laura and Sandy! I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz. More are on the way! 🙂 xoxo Claire

  4. Maribel Silva

    This was wonderful Claire! Thank you

  5. I love the affirmation of knowing who I am by my actions.

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