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Should You Avoid Heartbreak, or Choose to Love Again?

When loving another person goes wrong, it can be so painful that you may be tempted to lock your heart in a fireproof safe-deposit box and never get it out again.

What are the pros and cons of actively choosing to avoid heartbreak, or deciding to love again?

Can you completely avoid heartbreak and steer clear of pain?

“Claire, I’ve been seeing a man for almost six months. I really like his friends and his family. I know he loves me and I love him just as much; he is so attentive, considerate, supportive, and I feel secure in our “relationship” and safe with him.

I will admit I’ve resisted him every step of the way. He’s pointed out that I never open up to him; whenever he wants to talk about “the hard stuff”, I either ignore it or kind of just shut down and give vague answers. Even after all this time, it’s near impossible for me just to tell him I miss him.

My feelings for him are stronger than I expected and I can see a future with him and it’s occurring to me that he could really hurt me. I know it’s incredibly selfish of me, but I’m starting to think I should end things with him. My first heartbreak sent me into a yearlong depression. I am not a coward – I just don’t want that to happen to me again.” – Anya

Hi, dear Anya. This one is easy for someone on the outside looking in.

Here’s how you should look at your situation:

If your goal is to avoid heartbreak at all cost, then yes, you should break up with him now. If your goal is to avoid being hurt, you shouldn’t date at all.

But if you would like to have love in your life, then you need to start working on your fear of having someone break your heart again. Because that’s the risk for every human who manages to open her heart wide enough to include the love of another person. Love is a risk.

If you choose to love, your chances of being hurt are 100%

Yes, this loving, wonderful, attentive, supportive man could do something that hurts you. And guess what? You could hurt him as well.

The risk is on BOTH of you, and the likelihood of pain is 100%.

People who love each other also screw things up. We make mistakes, and accidentally or on purpose do wretched things to the ones we love most.

If we value that connection and love (and not everyone does), we try to clean up our mistakes. Make things right.

Nothing ever is exactly the same as it was before, but you know what? A couple who continually works to get through difficult times together can become much, much stronger. You WANT be in the kind of relationship that can withstand lots of trouble, trials, and mistakes.

Because everybody wrecks things from time to time.

No one can avoid all levels of heartbreak forever.

Want to maximize your chance to make love work?

  1. Learn to accept that there will be pain in your life. You can’t avoid heartbreak and also live and love well.
  2. Teach yourself that no matter what happens, YOU are strong. YOU are capable. You will get hurt, but you will not be stopped from working toward the things you dream of.
  3. Practice the skill of talking to the one you love about “the hard stuff.”

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Right this minute, YOU have the VERY THING that SO many people in the world crave…

You have the clear, flowing love of another person.

In fact, you have many of the good things that go with a loving relationship. He makes you feel cared for, supported, and secure…

You have two choices before you:

CHOICE #1: You could choose to avoid heartbreak (and also avoid growth and change).

Accept that there’s already going to be pain involved if you break up with him. Not just pain for him, but also for you.

But you could still move backwards from where you are. Break up with him, deal with the minor heartbreak now before you love each other even more.

CHOICE #2: You could choose love.

Rather than running from another possible heartbreak, you could choose to move toward love. With all its risks and hardships, all its wonders and beauty.

The first choice might let you rest and feel “safe” from heartbreak a while longer, but the bold choice will fill you with joy, grow your soul, and teach you powerful and amazing things.

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xoxo Claire


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