QUIZ: How is Your Life Journey Going? Find Out and Get Fresh Insights…

life journey quiz

Some life seasons you journey through beautifully. It’s all full sails and starshine. Other seasons are harder.

Where are you right now, ocean mama? How goes the life journey? Take the quiz and get a quick read on your position as well as insights into the woman you are, and the woman you are becoming…

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and tell me how you scored! No matter what result you get, I want to hear how your journey’s going, beautiful.

Take the "Sailing Through Life" Quiz!

There are 25 questions. Just click the button to answer each one and don't forget to click "Get My Results" at the end! (No sign-ups required.)

I can explain my point of view (without stressing out) when someone challenges me
I am hungry for the approval of others
I have a strong social network of emotionally healthy friends and mentors
I have an inner peace with the wounds of my past
When my man does something that upsets me, I am good at talking to him about it
I often feel trapped on an emotional roller coaster
I don’t continue to spend time with people who disrespect or take advantage of me
I have great “bounce back” ability after a tough time
I can gracefully accept a compliment
I am great at choosing friends and men who are good for me
I’m not afraid to tell a man what pleases me during sex
I take very good care of myself
I am willing to go after my life goals, one step at a time
I can forgive myself and others
I know what my own most important needs are
I struggle to love the body I’m in
I don’t allow others to mistreat me
I don’t feel compelled to present a perfect front
I can list the top 3 things someone can do for me that make me feel loved
I am able to ask for help when I need it
I’m not crippled by other people’s criticism
I have a pretty good track record with relationships
I don’t seek out or listen to the advice of emotionally unhealthy people
I feel utterly free to be who I really am
I can comfortably say “no”

Be sure to click the button below to see your results!

Bring deep, nourishing joy to your life journey!

You deserve love. Lots of it. Great showers and oceans and planetary systems overflowing with it! And the universe wants to give it to you.

There’s nothing more full-on, all-out, drop-dead GORGEOUS in the world than a woman who knows she is loved, and accepts that love unreservedly.

Well-loved women shine. They radiate. They sparkle.

The big question is, how can you become that woman?

—> Find out how to unleash a thundering inner waterfall of sparkling, beautiful things (not just love!) for YOU, YOU, YOU!

(Warning: this will radically change your entire life for the BETTER, so get ready!)

You need emotionally healthy friends who care about you. You need women you can talk to openly and honestly about your life journey.

Because sadness and despair thrive in isolation.

Without deep, healthy friendships with other women, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one struggling.

But that’s a LIE.

You are NOT alone.

—> Never give in to sadness and despair again. You are NOT alone on your life journey.

It’s time for you to finally get your life confidence back. And it’s more than that. It’s your turn to

  • Get UNSTUCK from the emotional roller coaster…
  • Find PEACE with the wounds of your past…
  • Unlock the ability to BOUNCE BACK from crazy-hard situations…
  • ELIMINATE TOXIC people from your life…

And more than anything else, feel utterly FREE to be the incredible woman you really are… no masks, no makeup, just the real, amazing you…

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