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QUIZ: How Much Do You Trust Him? (And SHOULD You?)

How soon can you trust him? What goes into building the kind of trust that will let you give your heart into another person’s care?

Find out how much you trust him, or WHY you don’t, just yet…

“Hi Claire, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months now and are starting to talk about getting married. It’s weird though because I was always the one who was dying to tie the knot but now I think I’m getting cold feet? He’s such a beautiful, sweet man, and can talk anyone into anything lol. He always gets what he wants, and there are lots of women in line behind me if I don’t figure this out. I’m wondering if he’s talking me into getting married when I’m just not sure… Only a hunch, though. Can I make a decision about such an important thing on a freakin’ hunch??” — Giselle

Hi, Giselle. Your “woman’s intuition” is working really well! What you’re experiencing is inner conflict around whether or not you can trust your gorgeous, smooth-talking guy, and there’s a really good reason for that…

  1. Some people TALK a good game, but don’t follow up on their words. (which = low trust)
  2. Some people may not talk so smoothly, but they DO things that give you a sense of comfort. (which = higher trust)

When someone’s WORDS and ACTIONS match 100%, that’s a person of deep integrity, and nearly everyone who encounters them feels a profound sense of trust.

5 powerful ways to build trust with ANYONE

Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about the very specific ways you can build trust.
Guy Magnet 3

  1. You can become a great listener, and seek to understand other people’s position before you try to explain/convince someone of your own position.
  2. You can build your integrity: Let your words consistently match your actions and beliefs.
  3. You can have solid life goals and boundaries, and be clear with others about your expectations of them.
  4. You can learn what it takes to build up another person – what does each specific person value? What things can/will/do you do that make them feel loved?
  5. You can be responsible and accountable. When you mess up, you can apologize and make things right.

TAKE THE QUIZ: Do You Trust Him?

I’ve put the simple points above into a true/false quiz format for you below. Any time you want to understand whether you trust him, or more carefully evaluate the trust levels between you and the person you love, this should help you get an idea of where you are with that.

There are two sections of 5 questions each. Be sure to do BOTH.

For each question below, circle True or False.

1. My partner seeks to understand before he/she tries to be understood.
True / False

2. My partner’s actions match his/her words and beliefs 95-100% of the time. When he/she says they will do something, I know they will. His/her actions are in line with his/her beliefs.
True / False

3. My partner knows his/her own goals and boundaries, and is very clear in his/her expectations of me, and of others.
True / False

4. My partner does the “little things.” He/she knows what acts of love and kindness fill the my emotional bank account, and he/she does them daily.
True / False

5. My partner will apologize when he/she screws up, and he/she always does his/her best to make it right.
True / False

Now FLIP the Quiz

Before you go any further, flip the quiz. How would your boyfriend or spouse answer these five big questions about you?

1. My partner would say that I seek to understand before I try to be understood.
True / False

2. My partner would say that my actions match my words and beliefs 95-100% of the time. When I say I will do something, he/she trusts completely that I will. My actions are in line with my beliefs.
True / False

3. My partner would say that I know my own goals and boundaries, and that I’m very clear in my expectations of me, and of others.
True / False

4. My partner would agree that I do the “little things.” He/she would tell you that I know what acts of love and kindness fill her/his emotional bank account, and I do them daily.
True / False

5. My partner will tell you that I apologize when I screw up, and I always do my best to make it right.
True / False

If you found yourself hesitating to circle “True” on questions 1-5 of EITHER quiz, you need more time and work to build trust between you.

What to do next

So, you know where your trust level is. You have a better idea of whether you trust him and WHY. Your next step is to talk together about the “wobbly” areas the two of you have, and work on them together.

And give yourselves time. You can’t rush toward trust. It doesn’t work that way. But it can be built up, and it’s worth your time and energy.

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xoxo Claire

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