You Are Not Alone (A Love Letter to YOU)

A fierce love letter to YOU

My love letter to YOU

Dear one, I know you sometimes doubt your own path. Even so, you are walking with grace. I know you wish you had someone to tell you “Yes, this is exactly where you should be headed,” but you know that isn’t always possible. You have friends, coaches, guides, and mentors, but in the end, you are the one who must walk it.

You are not alone…

What I want you to hear is that even if you feel like the only one on the path, you are not alone. Stop for a moment. Breathe. Watch the leaves dancing in the trees. They are celebrating your walk! Watch the fish resting in a cool shadow just under the surface of the river. They are contemplating your journey. Feel the wind’s kisses. Experience the blessing of the sunshine, or the gentle care of the cloud’s cover.

The world wants you to thrive

This world is glad you’re here. This world wants you to thrive. Keep walking, beautiful. And sometimes run with your heart wide open!

xoxo Claire

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