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16 Signs He’s Hiding Something (Really Important) From You

he's hiding something

Ever feel like he’s hiding something?

Secrets can damage a relationship beyond repair. Sometimes they aren’t crucial, but they can also be the point on which a couple breaks apart.

He's hiding somethingWhat if you feel like he’s hiding something IMPORTANT? What if you fear he might be cheating?

First, let’s be crystal clear about the challenge of “cheating.” Cheatingis MUCH harder to define today than ever before…

From double-takes and chatrooms to massages with a “happy ending” and burner phones, cheating happens just as much as it always did, but now there are many more ways in which it happens.

Cheating is NOT about not being monogamous, it’s about a SECRET. It’s about trespassing on a boundary that has been explicitly agreed-upon between two people.

One quick but extremely important question BEFORE you take this quiz:

Have the two of you talked about and agreed on boundaries that define your relationship; what IS and IS NOT allowed?

Ok, I’ll assume that you DO have clear boundaries (and if you don’t you have your homework cut out for you, shining heart)…

QUIZ: Is He Cheating? (He’s Hiding Something Important)

  1. He’s making big changes to his appearance (going to a gym, buying new clothes or getting a new hair style, etc.)
  2. He suddenly has new energy. Even if your sex life was suffering, he suddenly feels frisky with you.
  3. He starts bringing you (guilt) gifts.
  4. He’s protective of his phone or social platforms.
  5. You actually found or you think he has a burner phone.
  6. He acts offended if you challenge him on all the changes you are experiencing in the relationship.
  7. He no longer responds as quickly to your texts, calls, or emails.
  8. You feel like he’s pulling away.
  9. You discover him in lies. He’s not telling you the truth about things.
  10. He has new “friends” and/or more work responsibilities.
  11. He suddenly wants more privacy than ever before.
  12. He mentions the possible end of your relationship.
  13. He acts guilty when you do something nice for him.
  14. He turns the tables on you or becomes accusatory if you bring up the possibility of his cheating.
  15. He starts using new phrases, suddenly likes different music, or has very different opinions than he ever expressed before.
  16. His behavior is different enough that friends and family start asking you what’s wrong.

If you mentally checked off more than two or three of these, chances are good that he’s hiding something important, and that your relationship is in trouble. You need to start thinking about getting help.

He Doesn’t REALLY Want the "Perfect Woman."
He Wants These 3 Things from You Instead.

Remember, just because you’ve found a romantic life partner doesn’t mean there will NEVER be temptation.

And here’s a tricky thing: You can even be content in your relationship and still be tempted to “be even happier” by engaging in an affair outside your primary relationship boundaries.

Which is a pretty awful thing in its own way.

If you have clear boundaries and you find that you’re struggling, get help, beautiful heart. It may just get the two of you to the next level of intimacy and togetherness.

How to go from BREAK UP to MAKE UP (and keep your man)…

Do you ever get the feeling he’s hiding something?

Or maybe he simply gets quiet and distant for no apparent reason, leaving you confused or even hurt when he pushes you away?

It’s no secret that many men keep their true emotions guarded, but it may come as a shock to you that your man is TRYING to tell you something in his own, confusing way: something terribly important that you aren’t quite picking up on.

When he suddenly gives you the cold shoulder or goes off into his own little world, he may be trying to tell you something that your relationship hinges on.

Now here’s the really important part: He may not specifically KNOW what’s missing, but if he doesn’t feel this need being met from you, his attention will start to wander.

Here’s a video I discovered that really sheds some light on this:

His Secret Obsession

When you know why your man is acting like this, and you know how to answer this secret cry for your help, you’ll immediately find it a LOT easier to make that special connection and loving bond that most couples struggle for.

–> Does he have a secret that you need to discover?

You’ll even notice him dropping his guard and opening up that vulnerable part of himself, that REAL self that’s reserved just for you.

Because once you know how to satisfy this powerful emotional need, he will immediately see YOU as his lifelong obsession, and keeping you by his side and cherishing your love will become his ultimate goal.

Go watch this video and all that confusing behavior will suddenly click for you:

–> Afraid he’s hiding something?

And when you do what it says, it will be easy for you to connect directly to his heart, to know his deepest desires and greatest fears…

You’ll finally have the loving relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

xoxo Claire

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