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18 Romantic Places to Make Out

For purely uninhibited passion, there’s no place better than your own soft, private bed. After all, that’s why you blew your budget on those Egyptian cotton 800 thread count sheets, right?


There are so many other fun ways to rev both your engines and make memories that will last forever…

It doesn’t have to be the full monty! There are puh-lenty of great places to kiss, cuddle, rub noses, spoon, slow dance, get frisky, and otherwise fool around with your guy.

Here are three sexy, memorable locations you should definitely consider as great places to make out, and there are more after the video below. (Can’t see the video? Click HERE.)

15 More Great Spots for a Makeout Session

  1. In the back of a limo, like celebs.
  2. In the back seat at drive-in movie; now THAT’S old-school, baby. (You’ll have to find a drive-in theater…)
  3. In a photobooth, with documentation only $2!
  4. On a hiking trip. Watch out for poison ivy. Voice of experience, here.
  5. In a graveyard on Halloween. Costumes optional.
  6. In a television station greenroom or backstage at a theatre.
  7. In a treehouse.
  8. In the stacks at the library (remember grad school?)
  9. At the top of the Double Ferris Wheel or carnival ride of your choice.
  10. In the elevator. Why else did Aerosmith record that song, anyway?
  11. Lifeguard chair, abandoned beach.
  12. In a rowboat. Watch for splinters. Pick a warm night. (Keep the paddles in, or prepare to swim back to shore.)
  13. Balcony of the Empire State building. Meg Ryan would want you to.
  14. Out on a sexy picnic. I already made up your menu. You pick the man.
  15. In a hammock.

Be safe, have fun, and keep on loving your man…

xoxo Claire



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