18 Signs of an Absolute Bestie and True Friend

She’s your bestie!

You’re hilarious and weird and deep with each other. And it doesn’t matter how far away you are from her, you’re connected at the soul, sweet sister.

And maybe it’s a guy who’s your bestie, but usually a woman’s best friend is another woman. And if you get more than one bestie at a time… Well, you are truly blessed by the stars!

Here’s what true besties do for each other. If you read this, the person who pops into your head oh, TEN TIMES or more — that’s def your bestie.

18 Signs of an Absolute Bestie and True Friend

  1. You only want what’s BEST for each other. Hey, that’s why we call ‘em besties!
  2. You help each other tackle the thorniest, most tangled problems. In bad times and good, besties stick it out together.
  3. The relationship feels 50/50. Sometimes you’re the focus, sometimes you’re not. It’s never consistently lopsided. (That would be toxic emotional vampires, but not besties.)
  4. You’ll tell each other if one of you is being an ass. And that has happened a time or twelve.
  5. You’ll call each other out if one of you is dead wrong. But not in public, or in a way that humiliates or makes the other one look bad. Besties don’t publicly shame each other.
  6. Silence doesn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. Neither does singing the absolute WORST choice of songs at the tops of your voices on karaoke night. (That Adele song, though! You love it. Everyone loves it! But only Adele should EVER sing it. EVER.) (And NO Bohemian Rhapsody, either.)
  7. You’re totally comfortable using each other’s bathrooms (yes, even number 2) and borrowing each other’s stuff (even a car, or bail money) (especially bail money).
  8. You’ve entrusted your deepest secrets and most vulnerable feelings to each other. And boy do you know some stuff about your bestie. And she could fill several seasons of a daytime talk show with your secrets.
  9. You would never tear each other down to other people. You are each other’s staunchest public defenders, no matter what the private truth might be. Besties have each other’s back.
  10. You trust each other completely.
  11. All your social posts are guaranteed acknowledgement! Even the thirty-fifth photo of her cat, Adorbs. Or you twentieth selfie of the day. “♥️Gorgeous!”
  12. Speaking of which, you don’t need social posts to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. You KNOW exactly where each other has been, and with whom. Doing exactly what.
  13. You have done the hardest, suckiest “friend” tasks with each other: helped throw a party, helped clean up after a party, read each other’s poetry (“Of COURSE it’s wonderful! You are so talented!”), helped each other move, dropped each other off at the airport, or sat through a nasty break-up or hospital stay with each other.
  14. Your bestie is the one you KNOW will pick up your calls in the middle of the night. Although this better be important, because that last time when you needed help figuring out what he meant by “double header…”
  15. You often casually insult or make fun of each other, because you know it’s safe and your bestie really does love you.
  16. You and your bestie have so many inside jokes it’s ridiculous. Other people roll their eyes at you two when you get on a riff…
  17. You would NEVER leave each other in the dark about important things; you may even have been in the painful position of informing your bestie that you think her S.O. is cheating…
  18. Your friendship is a priority. It doesn’t get permanently slagged if one of you has a new love interest, a baby, or moves to Mars. Besties stay connected because it’s important.

Now. WHO you gonna share this with?

Hm… let me think. 😜

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