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Is He Boring or Bad at Texting? Help Him Go From Boring to Romantic!

bad at texting

It’s easy to be bad at texting.

It’s free, everyone does it, and you don’t have to invest much of yourself to text.

And perhaps that’s EXACTLY why you wish he’d stop sending boring (or overtly sexual) texts and do something ROMANTIC or PASSIONATE, like actually call you for a DEEP conversation… Or even a hot date!

That way you could actually get to know him a little better, move things forward some, right?

Because you and I agree: texting alone will NOT let you get to know a guy, ESPECIALLY if he’s just plain boring or bad at texting!

Some of the most annoying things in the universe are typed out and sent via text.

“Claire, I met a great guy online (3 dates so far in the past month), but is it weird to say he does too much texting? I know, everybody does it, but I feel like our relationship is made up of 80% texting and the truth is he’s kind of awful at it. He’s boooring — like ‘where r u” or “hey” or it’s about sex and even those are boring and dumb (I hate saying that but it’s true). He’s GREAT in person but in text it’s like he can’t be bothered to do the work of an actual conversation?! Please help!” — P.

I hear ya, P. What you want is some REAL bits, the juicy stuff, the deep-soul goods that life-long loves are built from.

And you aren’t gonna get that via text.

Guys just don’t “get” that all the time (and sometimes women don’t either)…

A guy who tries to build a relationship via text thinks, hey…

“Everybody does it, it must be okay.”
“It’s easy, and it’s cheaper/faster/less work than a date.”
“I don’t want to mess things up, texting seems pretty no-fail” (which is absolutely NOT true)
“I can copy other women on the same text and save time.” (SRSLY?!)
“It doesn’t really matter if I’m bad at texting. She doesn’t mind.” (wrong!)

7 (actually 8) ways to move him ONE PERFECT STEP FORWARD in your relationship…

One step at a time, okay? Here’s the first one:

You want to move him from being bad at texting to being better about CALLING you for a real conversation (and then…More!!).

I’m going to give you a WHOLE BUNCH of ways to do this below, but here’s the biggie:

Talk to him! Let him know (in person!) how a phone call from him makes you feel wonderful.

Tell him you love when HIS ring tone plays on your mobile. (“Oh, you gave me a special ring tone? What is it?”)

Explain that it’s just one step away from having him there, next to you, and what an electric thrill that gives you…

Truly, your man WANTS to know the secret to making you feel great. And he wants to be the one with THAT power in his hands…

Texting is an awesome — even sexy! —  tool in any jet-fueled romance, but phone communications are also important. They are the “next step.”

7 More Ways to Move Him From Boring Texts to Calling (Then On To ♥️) …

  1. Be somewhat forgetful with your phone when you’re around him.
  2. Don’t keep it out on the table when you’re on a date. Leave it on mute as much as you can. Demonstrate the value you place on face-to-face interaction with him.
  3. Even if a man ISN’T bad at texting, you don’t have to respond instantly, or at length, to his texts. Instead, CALL him after his text has had a little bit of time to cool and he’s had a while to wait around on you…
  4. Reward him by making your calls feel pleasurable to him! Have some deep, interesting questions to ask him, and be your most winning, sexy, and thoughtful self.
  5. When you know there’s important news coming (he’s waiting to hear back about that job interview, or he’s just about to compete in his first 10k, etc), be sure to tell him “Call me and let me know!”
  6. Model the phone call habit. When there’s big news for you, dial his number.
  7. DON’T make texting your own #1 way of communication, and mention your regrets about his own texts that you didn’t see in time to take advantage of them.

Of course you already know texting and calling are just small steps forward.

If you’d like to take things from “okay” right straight into steamy, can’t-think-of-anything-else ROMANTIC territory…

Now turn your “kinda interested” man into a passion-hungry romancer!

Respark the Romance!

As you already know, being in a relationship is no guarantee that you are happy. In fact, you might feel more lonely, unloved, and left out than ever before…

Especially if your man barely notices you; texting you now and then, but not really showing any REAL passion or interest.

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xoxo Claire

PS: Not all men are game players. Not all men have hard hearts. And unfortunately, some men (especially men who are bad at texting) come off as boring who actually AREN’T.

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